John Fetterman Net Worth, Political Career, and Personal Life

A 6 feet 8 inches tall man with a large tattoo on his arm, wearing a hoodie, and listening to grunge or heavy metal rock- this description conjures up an image of a rugged chap living his life on the edge. But what if we say this man is a politician? It is hard to believe, right? Meet John Fetterman, the ex-mayor of Braddock and Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. He was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. Senate in 2022 and currently represents Pennsylvania in that body. Let us know more about John Fetterman net worth, political career, personal life, and every other aspect of his life.

John Fetterman net worth: The hot topic for discussion

John Fetterman is an American politician and social activist. So, he is always in the news. Sometimes, he makes headlines for his progressive policies, while sometimes, John Fetterman net worth becomes the hot topic for debates and discussions.

Talking about his net worth, John Fetterman net worth is estimated to be around $46 million. How he earns this money is something we will talk about later in this article. Before we reach there, let us unravel other aspects of his life.

Read further to learn more about John Fetterman’s political and personal life.

John Fetterman Bio

NameJohn Fetterman (aka John Karl Fetterman)
ProfessionPolitician and Social Activist
John Fetterman Age54 Years
John Fetterman Height6’8” (2.03 m or 203 cm)
BirthplaceReading, Pennsylvania, U.S.
EducationAlbright College (BA) University of Connecticut (MBA) Harvard University (MPP)
DOBAugust 15, 1969
Zodiac SignLeo
Years Active2006- Present
SpouseGissele Barreto Almeida
ParentsKarl and Susan Fetterman
Instagram@johnfetterman, @senfettermanpa

John Fetterman is an American politician and social activist who is recognized for his progressive policies and passion for public service. In 2022, he was elected as a Democrat to the U.S. Senate. Before representing Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate, he was the state’s 34th lieutenant governor from 2019 to 2023. He also served as the Mayor of Braddock from 2006 to 2019. Some of his noted policies and works include raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, advocating healthcare as a right, abolishing capital punishment, criminal justice reform, and legalizing cannabis.

Apart from his dedication to his work, he is also known for his casual dressing style.

Early life and education

John Fetterman was born to Karl Fetterman and Susan Fetterman on August 15, 1969, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Later, his parents moved to York, Pennsylvania. His father worked as a partner at an insurance firm. John grew up in a suburb of York.

John went to Albright College and graduated in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Later, he went on to do an MBA from the University of Connecticut. He earned his master’s degree in 1993. After this, he worked as a risk management underwriter for Chubb Limited in Pittsburgh for two years

He walked in his father’s footsteps and started his corporate career with an insurance firm. During this time, he also started volunteering with Big Brother Big Sisters of America. During his volunteering work he realized his inclination towards social work. He left his insurance job and joined AmeriCorps, a U.S. federal public service program, in 1995. He taught students pursuing their GEDs (General Educational Development) in Pittsburgh. In 1997, he went to Harvard University’s Harvard Kennedy School. In 1999, he earned a Master of Public Policy degree.

He initiated an Out-of-School-Youth Program in Braddock in 2001 to help the local youths pursuing GED. In 2004, he shifted his base to Braddock.

Political career

After settling in Braddock, all his focus shifted to social work. He founded Braddock Redux, a non-profit organization, and became director of a GED program.

Through Braddock Redux, he helped at-risk youths and aided in the renovation of abandoned town buildings. He was elected the mayor of Braddock in 2006 and served the town till 2019. His excellent work towards reviving this once-flourished industrial town made him a popular figure. He brought many new businesses and investments and aided in the facelift of Braddock.

He tried running for the U.S. Senate in 2016 but could not make it. In 2018, he became the lieutenant governor with the serving Pennsylvania governor, Tom Wolf. In 2019, he took office and took charge of the state senate. He also presided over the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons. During his tenure, he brought about many criminal justice reforms. His robust policies and reforms made him a strong candidate to run for the U.S. Senate.

In October 2020, when Pat Toomey (a Republican and the junior U.S. senator from Pennsylvania) announced his plans to step down from his position in 2022, John Fetterman took this opportunity into his stride. Apart from his policies and reforms, his extraordinary campaigns and his unconventional looks (hooded sweatshirts, tattoos, shaved head, height, and persona; not at all aligning with politicians) served as an advantage for him. He won the Democratic primary.

Although his health degraded during this time, he won the election with more than fifty percent of the votes and joined the office on January 3, 2023.

Health issues

John Fetterman first showed the signs and symptoms of a health issue in 2017. He was diagnosed with “atrial fibrillation”, a cardiac condition, but it came into the eyes of the world only in 2022.

Just before the Senate primary elections in May 2022, John suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Although he won the primary elections, his health became a big concern. He returned to the battleground, but his health posed problems. His auditory-processing disorder, a repercussion of his stroke, became a big concern. Also, he was frequently asked about his health issues. Questions were also raised about his fitness to serve in the Senate. Throughout this time, Fetterman maintained that he was making a steady recovery.

John Fetterman dealt with depression on and off, but it flared, and in February, he was admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland, for its treatment. This step stirred unrest among people, and questions about his fitness as a senator resurfaced. He was discharged from the hospital on March 31. On April 17, returned to the Senate.

John Fetterman net worth

According to Forbes, John Fetterman has an annual income of $210,000. His other income sums up to $3 million. Besides that, he received $19 million from his wealthy parents in trust funds. He has also inherited artworks worth $2 million and seven real estate properties.

John has a brilliant stock portfolio. He has made investments in Pharmaceutical and Oil companies, including Pfizer. He also has investments in Apple, Meta, Exxon Mobile, and J&J. All these investments make up to 25% of his net worth.

On top of that, he lives in a luxurious 8-bedroom property spread across 15 acres. It is one of his most valuable investments. It accounts for 14% of his net worth. As of 2023, John Fetterman net worth is $46 million.

Yearly net worth

Here are the details of growth in his net worth over the years.

John Fetterman Net Worth 2023$46 Million
John Fetterman Net Worth 2022$39 Million
John Fetterman Net Worth 2021$33 Million
John Fetterman Net Worth 2020$28 Million
John Fetterman Net Worth 2019$25 Million

Talking about his parents, Karl Fetterman, John’s father, is the founder and owner of Kling Insurance, Pennsylvania. His company offers insurance to individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania. As reported by The Sun, he paid John’s annual salary of $54,000 when he became Braddock’s mayor. He has also made remarkable donations to his son’s campaigns. As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, he gave $100,000 to John’s bid for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

On the other hand, Susan Fetterman, John Fetterman’s mother, is a philanthropist. She joined forces with her son and helped him establish a non-profit organization, Braddock Free Store that helps low-income residents with food, clothing, and other essentials and the 412 Food Rescue program, which distributes food gathered by eateries and grocery stores to needy people.

All in all, Mr. and Mrs. Fretterman are wealthy. But the exact John Fatterman parents net worth is not known.

John Fetterman height, weight, and age

John Fetterman’s height is one of the many things that make him stand out. It has served him a great advantage even in his political career.

John Fetterman is 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m) tall and weighs 300 pounds (136 kg). As of 2023, he is 54 years of age.

John Fetterman personal life

John Fetterman is happily married and has three kids. He married Gisele Barreto Almeida in 2008. The names of his children are Karl, Grace, and August.

His wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman is a Brazilian-American activist. Before their marriage, Gisele was an undocumented immigrant living in Newark, New Jersey. After hearing about Fetterman’s work for immigrants, she wrote to him in 2007 and got a chance to visit him in Braddock. The couple tied the knot a year later.

John Fetterman on social media

John Fetterman is very active on social media. In fact, he uses social media as a platform to reach young voters. He has a dedicated social media team that contributes to creating his social media campaigns.

John has two accounts on Instagram- @johnfetterman and @senfettermanpa, with 185k and 8,762 followers, respectively.

He joined Twitter in January 2023. He has 92.8k followers on Twitter. His Twitter handle is @SenFettermanPA.

Interestingly, John Fetterman’s dogs also have social media accounts. His dogs, Levi and Artie, are famous on Twitter with more than 25,000 followers.

John Fretterman’s appearance in films

John Fetterman made a brief appearance in the movie, The Pale Blue Eye, released in 2022. In 2013, he collaborated with Christian Bale and Scott Cooper for Out of the Furnace in Braddock.

He had also posted the picture from the sets of his latest release. In the picture, he posed with his wife and Christian Bale.

Interesting facts about John Fetterman

  • John Fetterman was born in Reading Hospital, West Reading, Pennsylvania.
  • His father and mother were only 19 years when John was born.
  • His parents were conservative Republicans.
  • John Fetterman played a lot of football in his college. He played offensive lineman.
  • He was the class president for two years in his college.
  • His best friend’s demise in a car accident when he was studying at UConn affected him a great deal. According to him, this incident impacted his life and career.
  • John Fetterman has done some great work for immigrant communities and criminal justice reform.
  • In 2010, U.S. News & World Report named him one of USA’s 25 best leaders for his work in Braddock.
  • In 2008, Fetterman and his organization Braddock Redux went under the scanner for unpaid taxes. He was slapped with a tax lien for $25,000. He cleared the unpaid taxes in 2012.
  • John Fetterman’s tattoos have a deep meaning. His first tattoo is the date on which Christopher Williams was shot dead. He tattooed the date “01.16.06” on his arm.
  • There was a fake rumor doing rounds in March 2023 that John Fetterman had been replaced by a body double. The rumor was spread by right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Final thoughts

John Fetterman is not a suit-clad politician who lacks empathy and humility. He is today’s politician who has courage, trustworthiness, and empathy. His social and political reforms have revived Braddock. And, now that he has joined the U.S. Senate, many positive reforms are yet to happen.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is John Fetterman?

John Fetterman is an American politician and social activist.

2. Who are John Fetterman’s parents?

John Fetterman’s parents are insurance mogul, Karl Fetterman and philanthropist, Susan Fetterman.

3. What is John Fetterman’s age?

As of 2023, John Fetterman is 54 years of age.

4. What is John Fetterman net worth?

As of 2023, John Fetterman net worth is $46 million.

5. Who is John Fetterman’s wife?

Gisele Fetterman is John Fetterman’s wife.

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