Funny Exam Answers

We were all kids and we sure have felt the nerve-wracking stress of upcoming tests, and undoubtedly each one of us has given their own fair amount of incorrect answers during our school and career lives.

Who knows if these kids are just giftedly sarcastic or they merely made mistakes. Perhaps it was the anxiety, or may be the questions came from the very chapter they missed to study; nevertheless the answers they gave are beyond a doubt the most amusing thing you will read today.

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1# Find ” X”

Funny Exam Answers-Find x

2# Am I right or Am I right!!!

Funny Exam Answers-am I right

3# Can you blame him?
Funny Exam Answers-Can you blame him.
4# Now this guy is a genius!!!
Funny Exam Answers-this guy is a genius!!!
5# Why you ask? Well, because he is just SMART
Funny Exam Answers- he is just SMART
6# Name the quadrilateral…
Funny Exam Answers- Name the quadrilateral…
7# When everything else fails just draw a witty picture.
Funny Exam Answers-everything else fails
8# This guy has a bright future.
Funny Exam Answers-bright future
9# Nailed it.
Funny Exam Answers-nailed it
10# Now that’s how you solve an equation.
Funny Exam Answers-equation
11# Another Bill Gates in making.
Funny Exam Answers-great
12# Who can disagree with that?
Funny Exam Answers-at the bottom
13# Too smart to be wrong.
Funny Exam Answers-Too smart to be wrong.
14# Because God made it like that!
Funny Exam Answers-Because God made it like that!
15# The source of all problems.
Funny Exam AnswersProblem
There’s a fine line between stupid and simply genius, what did you think about these creative answers, were they stupid or brilliant? One thing is for sure they are outright hilarious and I wish I had such an creative mind. If you have also made such attempts in your exams don’t hesitate to share below in comments.

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