Top 5 People Who Has Highest IQ In The World

There are several contenders who has the highest IQ in the world. The list below demonstrates the top 5 people who has Highest IQ. They are one of most intelligent people in the world and have knowledge of everything. Their mind can envisage things that no one else can. They can go beyond the limits of any ordinary human being.

Human mind and intelligence is a captivating and intricate subject. Researchers have come up with IQ tests to measure the human intelligence in an objective and quantitative manner.

There are few different classifications of IQ scores. A common taxonomy is Wechsler’s, which rates 90 to 109 as true average. 120 to 129 as High, and over 130 as Gifted. 80 to 89 is Low Average, 70 to 79 is Borderline, and below 69 as Extremely Low. On the other hand Stanford-Binet Scale of Human Intelligence ranks those with scores above 145 as Genius.

These top 5 people with Highest IQ are the most gifted people in the world yet astonishingly none of them is in the list of wealthiest people in the world.

William James SidisHighest IQ In The World-william-james-sidis

IQ 250 – 300

William is a child genius, just like both Hirata and Tao. William has bagged the title of having the highest IQ in the world which is between 250-300. William had extraordinary math abilities in addition to good reading of mathematics.

At 6 years, he went to a grammar school and graduated in 7 months. He is famous for having entered Harvard at 11 years of age and had also mastered forty different languages as an adult. He is without any doubt the most intelligent person ever.

Terence TaoHighest IQ In The World-Terence Tao

IQ 225-230

Tao, at the age of 2 years started to calculate basic arithmetic. At the age of 9 he was already taking college mathematics courses and at 14, Terence attended the Research Science Institute. By the time he was 16 years old he had received both his Bachelors and Masters degree and earned a PhD from Princeton at 20 years of age. Till date he remains the youngest winner of all three medals in Olympiads.

At 24 years of age he was the youngest professor at UCLA. Tao was the youngest contestant to participate in the Mathematical Olympiad and he successfully bagged a gold medal the 13 years of age. His IQ level is 230 and he takes the 2nd position in the list of highest IQ in the world. The bright and brilliant Terence Tao has extraordinary knowledge and skills in harmonic analysis and additive combinators.

Christopher HirataHighest IQ In The World-Christopher Hirata

IQ 225

Christopher Hirata is an exceptional example of child prodigy, this genius was just 14 when he was enrolled in Caltech and at the age of 16, he had begun working at NASA. He earned the astrophysicist PhD in Princeton at the 22 years of age. At the young age of 13, Hirata became the youngest American to win a gold medal at International Physics Olympiad in the year 1996. Hirata’s recorded IQ level is 225.

Kim Ung-YongHighest IQ In The World-Kim Ung-Yong

IQ 210

Kim is well-known for his childhood. He was able to speak 4 languages (English, Korean, Japanese, and German) continuously at the young age of 2 and started to auditing college courses at 4 years of age. At the age of 8 years Kim was invited to NASA. At 16 he left NASA and was offered enrollment in best university in Korea. He declined the offer and followed his dream to pursue PhD in civil engineering. He serves as a faculty at the Chungbuk National University. He stands on the 4th spot on our who has highest iq in the world list with an IQ of 210.

Christopher Michael LanganHighest IQ In The World-Christopher-Michael-Langan

IQ 195

Christopher is one of the smartest men in America. Langan began talking at the age of six months and was already reading at the phenomenal age of 3. He scored the perfect SAT score. He dropped out from Montana University because he felt he was much smarter than the teachers there. Langan is famous for developing the CTMU (Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe). Christopher claims the 5th spot on our list of who has highest IQ in the world with an IQ level of 195.

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