Harvard University Notable Alumni: From Politics To Entertainment

Harvard University Notable AlumniHarvard University is one of the most recognized universities worldwide. It goes without saying that Harvard University has been a pioneer of learning and innovation all over the world. Harvard University has been serving people with a significant set of innovation since its establishment in the year 1636. Their heritage is not a matter of a couple of years, but centuries!

Harvard University has been providing its top notch facilities to its students, which eventually resulted in to giving birth to new concepts, or discovering the hidden talents of the students to make them the wisest! Of course, best students were writing best college essays that are examples of great and deep work.

Harvard University has been one of most prestigious universities in this world; therefore we would like to introduce to you a couple of some truly famed people, who have been a student like us, but in a really extraordinary university!

Notable Alumni In The Fields Of Politics:

Barack Hussein Obama:Harvard University Barack Hussein Obama

  • Barack Hussein Obama is the first African American president of the United States of America who is also the first’s president who isn’t an American by birth.
  • Obama used to live in Honolulu. After His parents got divorced, his mother completed her college.
  • Obama went to Harvard University to pursue his law studies is a key to understand the path of efficient community organization and activism.
  • Obama played various professional roles before becoming a president. He worked as a professor, community organizer, and lecturer.

Rahul Gandhi:Harvard University Rahul Gandhi

  • Rahul Gandhi is the son of the former vice president of India Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.
  • Rahul Gandhi is also the vice-president of the Indian national congress.
  • Along with being a statesman he’s undertaken a dynamic character in various modes of women empowerment.
  • One of his major contributions to the nation is the support of the Reservation bill for women, which insisted to provide 33% of reservations to women in lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies.
  • Rahul Gandhi went to Harvard to pursue MPhil.
  • However he had to switch his college to Rollin’s college as, his safety was in jeopardy, as his father Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by Tamil Tigers.

John Quincy Adams:

Harvard University Notable Alumni John Quincy Adams

  • John Quincy Adams was born as the first child of President John Adams.
  • The former president passed on the legacy to his child and John Quincy Adams became the 6th President of US.
  • He was a great diplomat and activist and constantly fought against all odds to banish slavery.
  • His political experiences were not the ones he would have ever cherished.
  • He had to take an active part in various unfavorable events which made his presidential years very traumatic
  • He enrolled at Harvard where he studied law for two years and graduated thereby he established his low practices in Boston.

Notable Alumni In The Fields Of Entertainment:

Kareena Kapoor:Harvard University Kareena Kapoor

  • This stylish and desi lad of India was born on 21st of September 1980 to Father Randhir Kapoor and mother Babita in Mumbai.
  • Kareena Kapoor is worldwide famous for her acting skills, with a majority of people being a fan of her due to her dressing sense.
  • Kareena pursues her schooling from Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai, after which she went to Dehradun at Welham Girl’s school.
  • She wasn’t inclined towards her academics sessions and was poor at mathematics.
  • Kareena joined the Harvard University to pursue a 2 month Course in microcomputers.

Hilary Duff:Harvard University Hilary Duff

  • The famous Lizzy McGuire child actress Hilary duff was born on 28th of September 1987.
  • She is an American singer and actress, whose father was a business man, and her mother was a homemaker who eventually hiked her career status by being a music and film producer.
  • She has an elder sibling Hailey McGuire. Both the sisters were interested in the world of drama therefore got themselves indulged into ballet classes, singing and acting.
  • Her initial acting years consists of minor roles, which eventually exploded into huge ones making her a worldwide sensation.
  • She enrolled herself for an online course at Harvard University. acknowledged as Harvard Extension School is the course she signed up for, however could not acquire a degree.

Matt Damon:

Harvard University Notable Alumni Matt Damon

  • Matt Damon is a cherished Hollywood actor who won the prestigious Oscar award for his movie “Good Will Hunting”.
  • Matt Damon had a nerve-wracking childhood as his parents got split up when he was just a toddler.
  • He became friend with one of the boys from his neighborhood.
  • They both attended the same school from where he embraced the passion for acting.
  • Matt enrolled himself at Harvard however, he could not continue it for much tie as he abandoned it to concentrate on his career in acting.

Notable Alumni In The Fields Of Technology:

Mark Zuckerberg:Harvard University Mark Zuckerberg

  • Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is a philanthropist, Internet Entrepreneur, and a computer programmer.
  • The youngest entrepreneur in the world, is also the chief executive, chairman and co-founder of the famous social networking site Facebook.
  • He had been a programming worm as he was taught programming initially by his father and later a tutor was hired to teach him programming.
  • During his schooling he had a major share of interests in physics, maths and astronomy.
  • At Harvard he had a cluster of friends who used to stay together. Together they used to undertake different projects with the aim of developing fun Sites. These gradual experiments and success lead to the creation of Facebook, the most famous and widely used social networking site throughout the world.

Bill Gates:Harvard University Bill Gates

  • William Henry Bill Gates III, is a computer programmer, a philanthropist, business man, investor and writer.
  • Bill gates has a total of four siblings. His father was a prominent lawyer, his mother was a director at United Way and First Interstate bankC system. His maternal grandfather was a national bank president
  • Bill gate’s parents wanted his son to pursue a career in law. However he was inclined towards the technological side, and enrolled for various computer based courses.

Sheryl Sandberg:

Harvard University Notable Alumni Sheryl Sandberg

  • Sheryl Sandberg forked at Facebook as the chief operating officer.
  • Before becoming a COO at Facebook she worked at google where she managed all the managing and sales affairs of google and its services.
  • She is also the author of the famous women empowerment book “ Women, Work, and the will to lead”
  • Sheryl Sandberg, tied the knot with the business tycoon Brian Kuff, however the marriage ended a year later.
  • She enrolled at Harvard University to study economics, where after graduating she started working at the World Bank.

Are not these people really lucky to witness the extraordinary environments of such efficient universities?

So guys we hope you liked this article, and learned for what you stumbled over here.

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