Will Earth Experience 15 Days Of whole Darkness In the month of November 2015?

Did you know that in the upcoming month of November Earth will be in whole darkness for 15 days?

Did you know that North Korea has landed a man on Saturn, or would it say it was the Sun?

nasa news

A website named NewsWatch33 published a report citing NASA and said that “Earth will encounter 15 days 15 of whole darkness between November 15 and November 29, 2015. The event, as per NASA, hasn’t happened in more than 1 Million years.”

As per them the ‘November Black Out’ will be cause by a astronomical event in the middle of Jupiter and Venus. They tweeted it out too!


The site additionally provided details regarding the disclosure of a “marijuana” planet. Now that is an intriguing bit of ‘news’.

If you haven’t figured it at this point, no such incident is going on!

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