Why am I always tired?

These days the stressful lifestyle is taking a toll on many people. The question which they often ask themselves is why am I always tired? This question might have puzzled you in the past as well and there can be a number of reasons for this and we would be highlighting some of these reasons below.

  1. Improper sleep:

Due to the stressful lifestyle, people are hardly sleeping up to 9 hours per day. A normal sleeping cycle for a human being consists of 9 hours per day which is hardly the case these days. Even when they are sleeping up to 9 hours per day, it is not continuously and it is not in a proper time slot as well. If you follow such a lifestyle where your sleeping schedule is not proper and the number of hours which you sleep is not sufficient as well, you would surely feel tired throughout the day.
why am i always tired improper sleep

  1. Check your diet:

Many people might question what diet has to do with feeling tired but the truth is that if your body is not getting proper nutrients, it would always be having less energy than required and therefore you would always be feeling tired as well. This is the reason that instead of eating whatever you like, you need not ensure that you eat according to the nutrients which you need.why am i always tired diet

  1. Food intolerance:

Many a times it might so happen that after eating particular food stuff, you might feel continuously sleepy. If that is the case, you are suffering from food intolerance; it is pretty common in people in the developed countries where some people suffer from food intolerance to gluten and other such substances.

That is why; you have to be on the lookout for the causes of tiredness throughout the day to understand better what the cause is and to eliminate the cause.why am i always tired food intolrance

  1. Depression:

If you are continuously depressed, then also you can suffer from tiredness throughout the day. In fact, depression can lead to headache and other physical problems as well. Depression if not solved can lead to other psychological problems as well and therefore it is important that you find the cause and solve the problem of depression as soon as possible. Get in touch with a San Diego Psychiatry center if you need to consult a mental health professional.why am i always tired depression So, if you frequently feel tired throughout the day, these 4 reasons can be the causes due to which you are continuously feeling tired.

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