What’s the Penalty for Not Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet?

If you’re a motorcyclist, you already know just how important it is to wear a helmet and every other piece of protective gear. Helmets, though, are undoubtedly the most important. They are so important that in many places, it is mandated that motorcyclists wear them while on public roads. Laws like these are in place to protect riders as well as other drivers on the road, so it’s important to abide by whatever legislature is applicable to you. Still, many bikers wonder what penalties they could incur if they neglect to wear the correct motorcycle gear, specifically helmets. There are a few different answers to this question, and all should be taken into consideration by motorcyclists who are concerned about staying safe on the road.

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Penalties Vary By State

Motorcycle helmet laws are interesting in the United States—though no nationwide mandate asserts that motorcyclists must wear helmets, the federal government has required all states to maintain helmet laws since 1967. Still, some states do not have helmet laws, and those that do are inconsistent in the penalties they impose for violations. Most laws are aimed at riders under the age of 18, so motorcyclists of legal age may not even be subject to state laws requiring helmet wear. Still, many of these laws maintain various penalties, some of which include the following:

  • Fines: In many cases, violation of helmet laws will incur a fine payable to the state’s department of transportation authority.


  • Points on license: In some states, if you violate a helmet law, it may be counted as a moving violation and incur points on your license. Continual accumulation of these points may lead to license suspension.


  • Driving school: If you receive a ticket for violation of a helmet law, you may be required or given the option to enroll in a motorcycle safety course through a driving school.


The Real Penalty is Danger

Though many states impose their own laws governing correct usage of motorcycle helmets, it is important to remember that the real penalty for failing to wear one is endangering your own life and putting other drivers at risk, too. Whether you’re wearing motocross helmets or protective gloves, every piece of gear you put on is an imperative part of being a responsible motorcycle rider. The price you pay when you neglect to put on a helmet is far bigger than any penalty you might incur from the police. Rather than neglect to invest in the proper safety gear, take responsibility for your safety and find the best helmet for your needs. The right helmets and motorcycle OEM parts are integral to creating the safest motorcycle ride experience possible. You want to enjoy riding for as long as possible, so don’t skimp out on the accessories that will protect you and enable you to do so for years to come.

It’s just as important to get your gear from a trusted source as it is to invest in the right safety accessories. Find everything you need at the best value available from the top online motorcycle parts retailer.

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