What’s New on the CCDE v3 Exam from Cisco?

Version 3 of the CCDE examination will be offered in 2022. In comparison to CCDE v2, CCDE v3 contains numerous new modifications; this blog article will detail some of the new modifications as well as the things that remain the same. In addition, I will share my thoughts on these changes in the post.

Before moving on to the technical enhancements, let’s start with the modification to the notification of exam results. The CCDE v2 examination is scheduled for eight to twelve weeks from now. Consequently, candidates for the CCDE exam can effectively schedule the exam twice per year. Students would also avoid scheduling the exam if they failed because the announcement date and the rescheduled exam date frequently fell on the same day. Since then, nothing has changed. Within 48 hours, the CCDE v3 exam results will be available. The CCIE tests are very similar to it.

The CCDEv3 Practical Exam will no longer be offered at the Cisco CCIE Lab locations.

The CCDE v2 Lab/Practical exam was taken in Pearson Vue-certified locations. They were carried out in a variety of nations, and there were 300 of them. This change may not be beneficial to many exam candidates due to the increased prevalence of Pearson Vue Centers and the increased number of Cisco CCIE Lab locations.

The CCIE/CCDE website is used for scheduling. CCDE v3 test

  • You can register for the test up to 90 days in advance.

The CCDE v3 exam will be given every year; It is expected to take six CCDE exams.

(Before CCDE v2, it was 4, and occasionally 3). The CCDEv2 exam was taken four times a year or every three months on average. You were unable to take the subsequent exam due to the policy regarding exam results; however, you might be able to take the one after that. As a result, it actually occurred twice a year. You can still take the next CCDEv3 exam even if you fail it because you will have time to plan the next exam, book a hotel room, book a flight, etc. if traveling is necessary because the exam will be advertised six times a year and within 48 hours. As a result, increasing the exam’s frequency would increase interest.

The Cisco CCDEv3 exam now includes Core and Area of Expertise modules.

The competence in collaboration and security, as well as the availability of datacenters and service providers, has long been a topic of inquiry among students. Sadly, this was not developed by Cisco. One of the practical scenarios will be based on your selection from the three areas of expertise. In CCDEv3, just like in CCDEv2, we will have four situations and eight hours to complete them.

The duration of each scenario will not exceed two hours; Even if you finish one of the scenarios sooner, the additional time won’t be used for the next ones. Three scenarios will be referred to as the Core Module, and one will be referred to as the Area of Expertise scenario. This session for candidates covers the fundamentals of technology. Only Enterprise technologies are included; There are no Service Providers or Data Centers included. The vendor is irrelevant to the core module. The expertise module covers specific technology fields: • The expected knowledge ought to be more in-depth. • The Area of Expertise module might contain Cisco-specific technologies.

Modules for Areas of Expertise in CCDE Version 3 Options for areas of expertise: On-Premise Services, Cloud Employee Mobility, and Large-Scale Networks The CCDEv3 exam will last two hours and include 15 to 25 scenario-based questions. You can specialize in any of the aforementioned areas. For the time being, this is sufficient; Please check out our other postings and free and paid courses for additional information on modifications and CCDEv3-related content.

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