What luxury amenities can you get in assisted living?

Assisted living facilities are a humane and personalized option among the senior living industry offerings. Assisted living facilities provide the best solution for seniors who need assistance for daily living, but for all other intents and purposes are independent. These facilities are known for providing medication management, nutritious meals, and carefully structured social activities and events. Some of the best ranked senior living communities are rather “resort-styled” accommodations owing to the luxurious amenities on offer.

So, what exactly makes an assisted livings community a “luxury” one? Let us have a look beyond the chandeliers and overstuffed pillows to the essential features that make an upmarket assisted living facility. 

Activities and entertainment

Nearly all assisted living facilities provide for community activities and entertainment. However, when it comes to Vivante senior living, the higher budget means this aspect is boosted to offer some of the most high-quality entertainment and activities frequently. These activities can range from annual fashion shows to lectures by esteemed university professors. High-end assisted living communities in urban areas can host up to 200 events per year. It is not just the events, as the residents are frequently offered outings and trips to art museums, concerts, and plays by renowned artists. 

High-class premises

Luxury senior assisted living facilities are usually designed, keeping aesthetic pleasures and attractiveness in mind. This is why most upscale living facilities are on expansive acres of land with gardens, ponds, ample greenery, and walking paths. Even urban closed communities will have landscaped architecture where residents can congregate, work-out, or enjoy a leisurely stroll. These facilities can make the living experience a pleasant one for the residents. 

Brain training

One of the significant advantages of the assisted living facility is the 24-7 supervision by experienced professionals. This aspect of senior living facilities is crucial since older adults are more prone to forgetfulness, dementia, slips, and falls. If your elderly family member has dementia or Alzheimer’s, you should look for memory care assisted living facility near you. Assisted living facilities generally provide brain training exercises with the help of computer programs and software applications engaging and allow the residents to train their brains and keep their faculties sharp. 

Concierge service

Concierge service is one of the main benefits of a luxury assisted livings facility. According to the senior residence industry experts, the concierge service is similar to a hotel concierge. The senior resident can arrange for flights, hotels, and tickets for events/concerts through this individual. This provides independence to a senior resident and is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of a luxury assisted livings facility.

Cutting-edge therapy

Assisted livings communities are all about providing personal care to the residents. However, the luxury living communities take it a notch further with some of the most advanced therapy and medical facilities. High-end communities will provide physical therapy, pet therapy, occupational therapy, and music therapy to improve the residents’ quality of life. 

Full kitchen service

Upmarket assisted livings facilities have their stocked kitchen and services as their USP. The typical assisted livings quarter will have the kitchenette, but you can expect full kitchens with stove-tops and all the standard appliances for upscale options. You will also get your kitchen stocked and finished in granite or marble. 

Top of the line dining facilities

The quality of the food is also one of the primary features of a luxury assisted living community. A registered dietician approves the food, and certified chefs are employed to cook delicious and nutritious food items throughout the day. Luxury assisted living facilities may even have multiple restaurants within the community with separate menus. 

Fitness training and recreational activities

Luxury assisted living facilities often have several recreation rooms for seniors to use at their convenience. Generally, there will be computer labs, cinema rooms, fitness rooms, and the latest technology available. The fitness rooms and therapy centers will have certified fitness trainers and therapists to supervise all the activities. Personal fitness trainers at luxury assisted living facilities are exceptionally beneficial for improving balance and maintaining overall health. Furthermore, you can also find heated pools and spa rooms at high-end assisted living communities. 

Lots of space

High-end assisted living communities are all about living in luxury. According to a recent survey published in the Forbes magazine, the square footage of luxury living communities is around 20% more than the average assisted living quarters. This is why you will find the most spacious apartments with lots of air and light within the living quarters. The colony itself will have ample space to take walks or spend quality time with the favorite pets.  

When looking for the right luxury assisted living community, make sure to base your decision on the features mentioned above. Keep in mind your loved one deserves the best – make an informed decision.

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