What Is a Business Card Good for in 2019?

A digital age calls for digital marketing, right?

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, chatbots, social media, personalization, and so on are the future.

Surely there’s no room left for techniques as old-fashioned as business cards? Exactly what is a business card still good for?What Is a Business Card Good for in 2019

Well, you might be surprised. Consider the following statistics. For instance, 27 million business cards are printed every single day. And for every 2,000 that get distributed, company sales increase by 2.5%.

Clearly, there remain serious incentives to using business cards as part of your strategy. Indeed, the benefits don’t stop there.

Keep reading to find out why they should be part of your strategy this year.

What Is a Business Card Benefitting You With?

Here are the main reasons to keep up with your business card marketing approach.

1. Cheap Marketing

Business cards are incredibly inexpensive.

You can literally get hundreds of thousands printed for the same amount of money you’d spend on a radio or TV advertisement. It’s quick, easy, and cheap to do. The cost-effectiveness of this marketing strategy means you get great bang for your buck.

Go to a pro designer to put them together, or do it yourself with a card creator.

2. Ongoing Reach

Most modern advertisements are immensely short-lived.

You hear a 10-second radio ad or watch a 15-second video ad. You scroll past a paid ad in your newsfeed. You may even install an ad blocker to prevent any ads getting through to your screens!

That simply can’t happen with business cards. Sure, they might get binned upon distribution. But any that successfully grab someone’s attention equates to an ongoing advertisement for your brand.

It’s a physical ad, which may stay in their pockets or wallets for months.

3. Solid ROI

We’ve already noted how sales increase whenever business cards are distributed.

Likewise, we’ve pointed out how cheap and easy they are to produce. Overall, there’s very little investment of your time or money, and a decent return to look forward to. That stacks up to a hefty return on investment.

4. Highly Convenient

Say you’re networking and meet someone interested in your business.

Having a business card in your pocket means you can give them everything they need to know about your company on a bitesize piece of paper. They’re more likely to remember you, and follow up on your interaction with a physical reminder of it in their wallet.

The size and style of business cards also mean they’re both easy to distribute and to keep hold of.

5. Builds Trust and Credibility

A professional business card is great for establishing trust.

Receive a business card and automatically feel the credibility of the person or business who gave it to you. It’s ideal for the development of your brand and reputation.

Remember, you’re less likely to be forgotten! That’s essential when making connections and trying to get a foothold in your industry.

Time to Wrap Up

So, what is a business card good for?

Hopefully, we’ve answered that question with the information above.

Sure, the world is developing at a rate of knots. The way businesses are marketing absolutely has to adapt to it. However, there’s still room for ‘old-fashioned’ methods that still work. Business cards are exactly that.

Get some printed ASAP to begin enjoying their many benefits.

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