Unique Home Decor Ideas Using Glass Products

Uniqueness attracts everyone especially unique style of designing.  For the purpose of designing and styling we have been using glass and mirrors since the era of Phoenicia. They used to decorate their post with a glaze coming from melted sand. When it comes to decoration the first thing coming to our mind is the decoration of our home and office.

Change is the rule of nature. If you are looking for some change in your home decor here are some tips especially for you.

  • First of all select a road map according to your requirements and budget.
  • Make your own art pieces.
  • Try to keep designs natural.
  • Keep things simple never exaggerate dark coloring.
  • By keeping rugs circle you can give a look of no boundaries, as circle represents infinity.
  • Keeping sunny rooms open give a sense of openness.
  • Be alert in using wallpapers; use unpatented wallpapers for a soft touch.
  • Take help by using side tables.

Let me explain a bit more about how to use these tips using special decorative tools. Like

With Wall Mirrors

In order to create low cost, less massive and descent look wall mirrors are the best options. They give the illusion of wider space and enhance the lighting of the place. By just putting a bigger wall mirror in bathroom serve for many purposes. It will make a smaller bathroom more brighter and wider look. Putting a decorative wall mirror in front of stairway not only give a refreshing look to home but also make that boring corner an attractive place. Placing a floor length mirror facing to your window can give your living room an attractive and descents look providing it more lightly.

With the advancement of technology new trends are always being introduced. With the concern of technology LED mirrors are now in trend. With just a little investment you can give an entire new look to your

home decor ideas

boring mirrors, try installing LED light on the mirror or buy customized LED mirror and say good bye to your dull, tiring mirror.

When it comes to fitness mirror is considered necessary equipment. Many people feel uncomfortable with the competitive environment of gym if same is your case just keep your worries away and start your on gym at home. With some necessary equipment install a huge gym wall mirror (available with all the required installation) and enjoy all of your activities, dance and fitness at the same place.

With Glass shelves

Shelves are meant for storage but we can maximize their uses by putting some efforts.  There is a huge variety of glass shelves available. Select a style according to your need and by just putting it on right place can make a huge difference. Opt for floating glass shelve as it takes less space and give an airy feel. In order to give your living room a fabulous look put a set of three to four glass shelves hanging with brackets. By using standing glass shelves instead of old fashioned side tables you can give a modern look to your hallway. Have a beautiful greenish backyard? Don’t let your kitchen walls hide that look. Put transparent cabinets and glass shelves. Give a symmetric look to your bathroom by putting glass shelves on both side of bathroom mirror or window.

home decor ideas with glass shelves

With Glass Cabinet

Glass cabinet doors add more glory to the beauty of home. Try finding some old wooden or any other material cabinet and make it glass cabinet by just installing a glass door and some LED light inside the cabinet. Select glass shelves instead of wooden shelf. As wooden shelf create more mess and difficult to maintain long term. Using glass cabinet give a feel of more space and cleanliness. In kitchens cabinets of glass door give a look that things are framed nicely making it visible without exploring then entirely. But if you are a fan of transparency and feel good by showing all the stuff then you may select transparent glass cabinet with an advantage of minimizing the design effort. What if one is always creating a mess and wanted to hide? Don’t worry frosted cabinets are the solution. Their cool design hides the mess.

home decor ideas With Glass Cabinet

Another approach to glass cabinets is textured cabinets. But do remember to pay full attention in selecting the right pattern as some patterns go out of the style very quickly. They also get fade easier. Try using some lighter and simpler patterns.

Whatever style you pick of your choice just keep both pros and cons in mind.

With Shower doors

After a long day many people find comfort under shower. On the other hand shower is the place where you get ready every morning. If your shower has all the luxuries as you dream about it can become a place of comfort and relaxation.

home decor ideas with shower doors

Some people use curtain for shower about now a days that is an old approach. You may use waterproof curtain but still it can create mess. Selecting full enclosure can be more helpful. There is no fear of water escaping from the recessed bath. Use of sliding panels of glass can be a good option as it doesn’t requires any extra space and allowing avoiding use of fitting and fixtures.

In a comparatively smaller bathroom glass showers are best option as fixture and fittings and extra designing visually shrink the space.

About the selection of decorating material of shower doors always keep your comfort and simplicity in mind.

Gone are the days when people use small cabins for living. Make your home and offices a peace place. Try out your inner artist. By just following simple steps one can create his/her own style with ease and simplicity.

Loves to write and keen learner to approaches follow.

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