10 Travel Tips For A Healthy Vacation

Want to stay healthy while travelling? These top tips will leave you feeling great during and after your trip.

Travel Tips for a Healthy Vacation

From relaxing by the pool and eating caloric foods to sipping on all kinds of tempting cocktails, it’s hard to stay focused on your health while on vacation. Of course, you want to see all the sights, try new things and make the most of your downtime when travelling, but you certainly do not want to pile on the pounds or get ill.

So – how are you supposed to keep your well-being a priority while on vacation and still have a great time? Here are 10 travel tips to help you stay healthy and enjoy your holiday more.

Tip #1: Protect your skin

While your body craves some level of sun, it’s crucial to guard it against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The best way to do this is by applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 at least every two hours. You can also wear a hat to protect your head and face, as well as eat blueberries because they have some SPF qualities. When buying your sunscreen, don’t forget to purchase some insect repellent. This is especially important if you’re planning on visiting a destination with a large population of insects and mosquitoes. That said, it’s always best to pack some just in case to help prevent all types of bites.

Tip #2: Drink plenty of water

Even if you aren’t visiting a hot area, you must always stay hydrated. You should also be aware that the pressurised air on planes will dehydrate you fast, so remember to drink plenty of water when flying. From the moment you arrive at your chosen destination, carry a water bottle with you at all times and try to drink around 80 ounces of water a day. Water will not only keep you hydrated but it also helps you beat any nasty hangovers. Plus, being dehydrated can lead to weight gain, and you don’t want that now, do you?

Tip #3: Exercise every day

Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your body moving every single day. Instead of using public transport and escalators, put those legs of yours to good use and walk as much as you can. If you like running, cycling, swimming or hiking, embrace doing the exercise you enjoy most in a new environment. Alternatively, stay at a hotel with a fitness centre or visit a local gym. Also, try and get your workouts out of the way in the morning to set you up for the rest of the day.

Exercise every day

Tip #4: Always eat breakfast

Whether it be at your hotel restaurant or at a café down the road, give yourself a boost of energy and start your day right by eating breakfast. If you prefer to stick to your usual breakfast options, buy bread, cereal, fruit or whatever it is you usually eat in the morning at a local grocery store. You should never ever skip breakfast so set an alarm to wake you up at a reasonable time in the morning for the most important meal of your day.

Tip #5: Keep your hands clean

Germs live in all sorts of places, such as elevator buttons, stair rails, doorknobs and even tray tables on planes, so you need to wash your hands frequently to prevent illness while travelling. Give your hands a good scrub with soap and clean water whenever you can to keep those germs at bay. You can also buy a miniature bottle of hand sanitizer or a pack of sanitizing wipes to use when you can’t find a bathroom to give your palms and fingers a proper wash.

Tip #6: Eat mindfully

If you plan on eating out more than in, you need to watch what you eat. Resist the temptation to grab lots of snacks throughout the day and stick to a one plate rule when eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’ve decided to go all-inclusive, don’t overeat by going back for seconds and thirds. Otherwise, you’ll feel bloated and end up looking like a beached whale. It’s perfectly fine to try new foods and treats, but always be mindful of how much you’re actually eating.

Eat mindfully

Tip #7: Don’t stay glued to the nearest bar

It goes without saying that you’re going to want to enjoy a few cheeky drinks while relaxing on your vacation (unless you’re teetotal). However, you need to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Most alcoholic drinks (especially sweet and creamy cocktails) are packed with calories, so do your waistline a favour and consume in moderation. As alcohol also dehydrates you and is guilty of disrupting your sleep, always drink plenty of water in between the boozy beverages and avoid indulging late at night.

Tip #8: Go for the garlic option

Garlic is renowned for its usefulness in treating common ailments, such as stomach bugs, and is great for your heart and circulatory system. It’s actually a natural antibacterial and antibiotic, as well as one of the best infection fighters out there. If and when you see a dish on a menu that contains garlic, don’t ever be put off from ordering it. Furthermore, eating garlic will reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

Tip #9: Get enough sleep

Yes, travelling and spending time in a new destination is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. The journey getting there, along with all the long walks, sightseeing and late nights will take a toll on your body (especially your feet) so you need to give it a well-earned rest every now and then. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being, so if your body is telling you that it’s tired, listen to it. Even if you fancy a nap in the middle of the day, don’t resist, just do it.

Get enough sleep

Tip #10: Have fun and treat yourself

After all, you’re on vacation! If you want to try scuba diving or water paragliding, go for it. Can’t take your eyes off the ice cream stand? Buy the ice cream. Yes, you do need to stay safe and watch the things you eat and drink, but you can’t be on your best behaviour all of the time. This is your well-earned break from the stresses of everyday life, so get out there and enjoy your escapade.

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