Top 5 Cakes Which Will Make You Crazy

Cakes are among those desserts which are not only taste good but will also look beautiful in the presentation too. Being the most important for all the parties and celebrations it is very important that whatever the cake you will choose will be the perfect for that occasion. Cakes are having end number of flavors and designs to taste and involve then in your event.

I am sure that you have tasted many type of cakes in birthday parties and other parties too and it’s pretty sure that you will the different cake every time because of the new creative and innovative ideas of baking. Baking cake is not at all an easy task; they have to take care about the quantity as well as the quality of the ingredients so that you will get to taste the amazing cakes.

Let’s just discuss about the top 5 type of cakes which will be perfect one for you to choose.

1. Black forest cake

Black forest cake

This cake is the most desirable as well as delicious cake for all the parties and celebrations. Coated with white whipped cream and under that a moist layer of chocolate cake is not only taste good but also looks beautiful. This will never fails to impress your special ones. This cake is usually considered as a daughters day gifts too.

2. Black Buttercream Cake

Yes folks! You can create any type of delicious cakes with doing little experiments. No one thing about the black buttercream cake, this cake is wholly made up of dark chocolate and the icing as well as the frosting both are to be done with the black cream only. It will going to look very tempting and mouth watering after all black is everyone’s favorite color.

3. Mango Cake with Meringue

Yummy………..the cake as well as the decoration. Every knows about the mango cake but this one something different from other mango cakes because of its icing. On the top of the moist mango cake there is a layer of meringue mango cream. Meringue is type of icing which looks like a drop with zigzag lines on it.

4. Eggless Truffle Cake

Usually truffle cakes contain eggs but this one is the eggless one. This is the perfect one for the chocolate lovers to satisfy their cravings for the chocolaty taste. The chocolaty cake is having the frosting of Ganache chocolate to make it more beautiful. I love this cake because of its moist and smooth textured chocolaty taste.

5. Cherry Cheesecake

The cake which requires no baking but will come out as the delicious one. Cheese cakes are the best dessert for the summers; it will give you the cooling effects and will make you feel relaxed. This cake is somewhat like that only, with having freshly chopped cherries along with the cherry syrup. If you find it difficult then go and order online cake delivery in Bangalore or to anywhere to enjoy the cake at your doorstep.

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