Top 5 Apps for Renters Looking for Accommodation

Finding a new flat for rent can seem like an impossible task. With all the considerations to make, like how big and how expensive, narrowing down accommodations can be quite challenging.

With that said, it certainly has gotten much easier than it was in the days when you had to scan a newspaper and visit flats in person for inspection. The introduction of a myriad of apps that are designed to assist renters, one can find a place far more quickly and easily. With platforms like Accommodation, many of these apps are ensured they are getting a variety and large volume of the available rentals on the market. Let’s look at five apps and ideas that can make finding your ideal accommodations easier.

1. Ideal Flatmate

With renting comes roommates. Finding a quality flatmate that you can tolerate, no less enjoy, can be the hardest part about the rental process. There are several apps and sites out there, including SpareRoom and RoomBuddies that offer the ability to find a flatmate with similar interests or backgrounds. Ideal Flatmate has set its goal to ensure flatmates truly get along, which can lead to reduced turnover and less likelihood of having to find a new flat next year! Some may think that rent cost or location is the end all, be all of flat choices but the founders of Ideal Flatmate say their research found that “flatsharers rate the people they live with” as the main factor in rental choice.

2. The Urban Collective

Now, moving on to finding an actual property to rent. The Urban Collective offers the unique service of a Sherpa to guide you along your path to finding a quality rental that suits your needs. Provide your accommodation needs, like how many rooms or how far away from work or school, and your Sherpa will get to work on your behalf. Even more impressive: your assigned Sherpa will also help you navigate touring rentals, making deposits and signing rental agreements. These are certainly unique offerings that improve upon simply wandering through long lists of properties.

3. Movebubble

Is there anything worse than finding your dream accommodations on a website that says it is available, only to find out that it has been off the market for days? One of the most frustrating aspects of flat hunting is being a step behind on the best spots. Movebubble eliminates this frustration by updating its search options in real time. No more perfect spots disappearing from underneath your nose! In addition to this priceless attribute, Movebubble offers smarts. It learns from your previous search patterns and will tailor offerings to your taste. Once you have decided on a flat, Movebubble will allow you to arrange a tour and even make offers through the app.

4. Sortly

Too many moves feature a rushed toss of everything into randomized boxes that end up a smorgasbord of items without proper labels. This can lengthen the process of packing and unpacking. If you end up having to put items in storage or file for renters’ insurance, having a firm understanding of what is in these boxes can be a requirement. Enter, Sortly. Sortly makes it possible for you to create an inventory of all your items as you pack. Importantly, it will also provide an estimate of how much all your items are worth.

5. Storemates

If you have ever had to put anything in a storage facility, you know how quickly the cost can add up. This is less than ideal for those looking forward to having to pay deposits and other costs that come along with renting a flat. Storemates allows you to tap into the social network of those with extra storage space available to rent. Per Storemates, it costs 50 percent less to rent through them.


With platforms like accommodation allowing apps access to a flood of properties and landlords, rental apps are far more efficient than the standard rental websites. As someone who has moved many times, I am happy to share these tools that will hopefully allow your next rental flat search to feature less stress!

Please ensure to leave a comment about your experience with any of these apps and share this useful list with others!

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