Top 10 Escape Rooms Around The World

We all know that escape room adventures have gained significant popularity over the course of the last few years. Innumerable brands have come up with their out-of-the-box concepts to tantalize the players and give them a memorable escapade. After evaluating the most famous escape rooms, we have formulated this article. Here, we are going to discuss the top 10 escape rooms around the world. So, sit tight, relax and continue to read further.

  1. The Laboratory in Bunschoten (the Netherlands)

This popular escape room brand has often been ranked as the “Number 1” escape room. Adventure in the Netherlands. It offers some exhilarating artifacts such as pool tables and arcade games that immerse the players in its intriguing ambiance. The specially designed infrastructure enables the individuals to become a part of the impressive storyline before the game even begins! One of the most interesting facts about this escape room brand is that they offer you video clips of your escapade. This implies that you get to see the most exciting points of your adventurous journey.

  1. Trapology Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) 

Without a doubt, this is one of the most challenging escape rooms out there. The website proudly flaunts its escape rate on the website. And let us tell you that it is not more than 30% for any game! Travelogy escape room center provides you with the option of 5 distinctive escape room adventures. One of the most challenging rooms is “Crush Depth.” The storyline revolves around a vengeful spirit of the dead capital desperate to take revenge for his demise.

  1. The Basement (Los Angeles)

 Are you a fan of bloodcurdling horror thrillers? Well, here is your treat! 

The basement is popularly known as the United States‘ best escape room games. It is not like your regular escapade. Instead, the basement offers different rooms that are connected. The story revolves around a cannibalistic serial killer who goes by the name Edward R. Tandy. He likes to trap the players in his perplexing rooms for an hour before slashing their intestines and feasting on them!

  1. Mission: Escape Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia) 

 This escape room brand is well known as one of the top-rated escape games in the Southeast. Mission Escape offers two different escape rooms, namely: “The Study” and “The Hotel. The players are given a period of 60 minutes. They have to solve the mind baffling conundrums and escape, or else they will be trapped in here forever!

  1. The Escape Game (Nashville)

This famous escape room brand offers 7 different escape room games. The Escape Game is without a doubt one of the most prominent destinations in the United States. The players get an opportunity to choose from a variety of different storylines. Be it an adventure to the goldmines or a journey to space, Nashville always has something in store for everyone.

  1. Escapology (Denver)

This escape room brand is one of the fastest-growing escape room franchisees. It is opened in more than 10 distinct locations ranging from Chile to Austin. The best part about this escape brand is that they offer 11 incredible escape room games! That’s why players love their escape games because they have got something or the other for everyone.

  1. Locked In The Birmingham Escape ( Birmingham) 

In this escape room adventure, you are in for a family-friendly treat.  This brand has meticulously designed and conceptualized three different escape room games. The players have an hour to immerse themselves in mind baffling storylines of their escapades. Whether you want to become part of a mystery classroom, find a cure to a deadly epidemic or gather evidence against a lethal conspiracy, you can easily do so at Locked In Escape Room. Game fanatics around the globe love their escape room games because of their interesting yet complicated mysteries and storylines.

  1. The Mr. X Mystery House ( Shanghai )

This is an entire house that is stacked up with perplexing rooms. This escape room brand offers five different adventures to choose from. All of their adventures have received incredible reviews and feedback from the players. Their storylines are scary, fun, and adventurous at the same time. Their escapades also include some physical challenges to an extent. Participants are required to crawl through small places, ninja their way through secured spaces, climb ladders like a monkey and finally unravel incredible mysteries that have been put together by Mr. X. 

  1. Room Escape Adventures

This escape room center is known for offering completely out-of-the-box storylines in their escape games. They offer immersive escape rooms like “Escape an 80s Dance Party” and “Da Vinci’s Lost Meatball.”Encouraged by the fascinating response of the players, they are now offering another bloodcurdling escape room adventure that goes by the name “Trapped in a Room With a Zombie.” This room escape offers an escapade with the live actor playing Zombie chained to a wall. To add an exciting little twist, the Zombie chain increases every 5 minutes, allowing the Zombie to move a foot more. This adds to the heart-palpitating ambiance of this enthralling escapade.

  1. Sherlocked (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

This escape room center offers some of the most incredibly famous escape rooms like “The Vault” and “The Architect.” The designers have curated incredible adventures with nitty-gritty details that add to the thrill. The players are required to scout through the place and look for clues concealed in front of their eyes. The exciting storyline and the added time pressure makes it one of the most exciting escape room brand. Moreover, you can also participate in this challenge is even if you are claustrophobic.



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