Tips To Write Narrative Essay Topics

Effective writing skills are preeminent to the academic success of the individual. Essay writing is there in school assignments for students, it is a part of standardized tests and a basic requirement on college application. The very first step of getting the essay writing question correct is to identify the correct essay type and it seems like half the battle is done.
Basically there are four major type of essay  which is different based on the determining the goal of the writer  whether  writer wants to tell you about a personal experience , describe something, explain issues , or convince the reader to accept certain viewpoint.

Tips To Write Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative Essay Topics are writing assignment that are assigned to complete at various moment of their high school or college life .The writing involves telling a story from your life that others can learn from other’s  experience.

 The four type of essay address these purposes:

1. Narrative Essays : Telling about a story /experience
In a narrative essay author tells about his real life experience, share some memorable moment comparing it to story writing it is more challenging thing to do where author has to think and write about himself .While writing a narrative essay author must involve reader by stimulating the reader so as to build that connect between the author and the reader. A narrative essay should be formed in such a way that the reader learns a lesson or gains insight.

2. Descriptive essay : Painting a picture
Descriptive essay is a cousin of narrative essay who paints a picture with words. An author may describe person, place or object or memory of special significance .The descriptive essay communicates through description of deeper thought .the descriptive essay fascinate readers emotion.

3. Expository Essay : Just the facts
The expository essay is a kind of piece of information that presents a well researched topic. In expository essay, the writer explains or defines a topic using facts, examples and statistics. It can be of different variations such as comparison and contrast or cause and effect essay. The expository essay is based on facts, so author does not express his emotions or personal feelings.

4. Persuasive essay : Convince Me
Like an expository essay presents the facts straight away, the goal of persuasive essay is to convince the reader to accept the author’s point of view or recommendation. The author must build a case using facts and logic, examples, expert opinion and sound reasoning. The author must present all aspects of the argument, without being biased  alongwith clearly mention why certain position is correct.

Writing a narrative essay topic follows following steps:

  1. Choose the Topic: Choose a story from your life like a family vacation, a weekend with the friend, some memorable moment or it can be something like a spoiled holiday. The topic of the narrative essay should be chosen in such a way so that reader learns a lesson or gains insight.
  2. Outline: The second step in writing narrative essay is to outline the narrative essay points; it is to write down a list of the most important marks in your story. An outline helps to limit things and keep focused on the important marks only.
  3. Introduction: Writing introduction is the first paragraph of the essay in which one must present the idea and topic of the article.
  4. Hook: Add something surprising to amaze your readers to grab their attention wanting them to read more.
  5. Body: The body of the essay describes the things happening; it explains how and why the things are happening.
  6. Conclusion: Conclusion continues a sequence of facts presented earlier. The conclusion should contain a concluding remark giving lesson or something to gain insight.

Narrative Essay teaches us to:

  1. To be Concise: Narrative essay writing teaches us brevity of writing, just opposite of beating about the bush otherwise. Dragging out an idea for several paragraphs which otherwise can be covered in few words. Narrative essay chooses a topic purposely. Just define the purpose of the story and try to stick to the core. Narrative essay writing teaches us to be concise in our writing.
  2. To be creative: Narrative essay writing teaches us to be more creative and practice different approaches. It improves one’s writing skills and makes one more expressive; play with the words to describe one’s emotions and feelings.
  3. To be eloquent : A good narrative depends on the kind of words carefully chosen targeted towards the audience to stimulate them to get absorbed in the story. This is a good way to improve your vocabulary and writing skills. Dynamic description, plots and characters make narrative essay more interesting.
  4. Builds Confidence: The aim of the narrative essay is to build confidence among the you so that you can express your views boldly without being afraid that it is not correct. It helps you to voice your opinion and realize the value of their words.

Tips for writing narrative essay:

  1. Tell a story about a moment or event that is very near to your heart – it will be easier for you to tell a story in an interesting way.
  2. Avoid lengthy introduction and lengthy description especially at the beginning of the narrative.
  3. Make sure your story presents a point and your learning from that experience.
  4. Use all of your five senses to describe the setting , characters and plot of your narrative. Narrate a story boldly in your voice add spark to it by adding amazing details or point that act as stimulator to the readers to increase their interest in the essay.
  5. The essay should be well organized with events explained as they happened in time in the series.
  6. The verbs and modifiers used should be vivid and persuasive.
  7. The event, experience or observation or plots should be explained in such a way that reader gets involved.
  8. While giving the details, anecdotes should be included using dialogues if necessary. It adds fun element to the writing.

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