Tips on How Food Delicious While Traveling to Asia

If you prefer Asian food and you’re thinking about cooking some while on Asia travel, then this article will provide you with some useful info. Discover the different cuisines of Asia that come with amazing flavors plus vibrant colors. These delicious Asian foods are cooked using ingredients that are common to most communities of this region, for instance, rice, garlic, ginger, chilies, etc. Moreover, they are prepared using various methods such as steaming and deep-frying while using unique Asian induction cookware.

Japanese Cuisine

One of the best places to travel in Asia is Japan. Concerning Japanese foods, there are various other dishes apart from the widely known sushi. You’ll get to enjoy the experience of cooking meals from the crispy tempuras to the silken tofu, which have fantastic yet simple flavors. One important fact to note is that rice is a vital ingredient in most Asian cuisine.

Korean Cuisine

One typical dish you should try to make while on Asia travel is kimchi. Korean food is about presenting food in an artful manner coupled with sizzling flavors. It consists of spices, seafood, and side dishes. Popular spices that are mostly utilized are soy sauce and scallions.

Chinese Cuisine

Some people might say that Chinese cuisine is the most common amongst all Asian foods. It offers a canny mix of flavors in their various preparations. You can make your own version. Steaming food is the ideal cooking method if you want to make something low on calories. Chinese cuisine differs from one region to another. For instance, Sichuan dishes are spicy, and foods from Shangdong are mostly crispy.

Thai Cuisine

When on Southeast Asia travel, make sure you try to cook Thai food, which involves balancing flavors. Imagine preparing thick creamy curries that are made from combining kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, galangal, fish sauce, plus shallots. Every Thai dish you might get to make will be a delight, from the basic Som Tum papaya serving of mixed greens to Pad Thai.

Other Asian Cuisines

Try to cook some Cambodia dishes

Try to cook some Cambodia dishes

The best time to travel to Asia is from November to February. When in Vietnam, you can try to prepare awesome Vietnamese cuisine by using local ingredients that are prepared in tasty stocks. One of the most favorite foods that you can try to make is the noodle soup named Pho. Foods from Cambodia are quite the same as the Thai ones. They emphasize on bold flavors plus creamy curries that contain coconut milk. Moreover, Indonesia and Malaysia cuisines also tend to balance flavors. In addition, you can also try out Central Asia food such as beshbarmak and cazy.

Asian Recipes for You to Prepare While Asia Travel

Vietnamese Dumplings

This meal is delicious and simple to prepare. You can make these dumplings filled with minced pork plus mushrooms. Add some spicy chilly garlic sauce.

Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

The chicken salad dish comes with its benefits

This chicken salad dish, topped with almonds, is a delightful meal. One of the best sources of lean protein is chicken. Protein assists in inducing a satiety feeling that keeps you from overeating. In the long run, it promotes weight reduction.

Khao Suey From Burma

You can garnish this meal with fried garlic, onion, and peanuts. Also, you can add some lime juice. Eventually, this dish will be full of awesome flavors.

Thai Fish Curry

Make this awesome dish, and we guarantee you will love it. Thai green curry is cooked with coconut and fish, which has been tenderly cooked. It’s spicy, simple, and astounding.

Tips on How to Avoid Getting Sick When Eating Street Food Asia

Guidelines to consider so that you don’t get sick when eating street food Asia include:

  • Carry some medicine.
  • Order your meal where the line is longer.
  • Look at the locals to find out how they eat.
  • Do some research via various food blogs.
  • Street food is ideal when you do not rush. Be patient while trying to locate the perfect spot.


There you have it. When you decide to go on Asia travel, try to prepare the recipes mentioned above. Whether it’s China, Burma, or Indonesia, each country has its unique cuisine. You will definitely enjoy them. What other meal have you prepared while in Asia?

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