The Main Malfunctions of Automatic Garage Doors And Their Elimination


Any device has a resource and sooner or later fails. As with most complex equipment, for  automatic garage doors, timely prevention is the key to functioning. If you want to avoid replacing gear in garage door openers for as long as possible, then this article is for you.

Causes of Malfunctions And Repair of Sectional Doors

As a rule, sectional doors and automatic drives properly selected for the required operating conditions and properly installed can serve for a long time without needing any repairs. However, the natural wear and tear of materials, cyclic loads during operation, and external influences still provoke breakdowns over time. A minor malfunction detected and eliminated in time is much cheaper in terms of costs.

In addition, any automatic gate, regardless of its manufacturer, can be disabled by rough external influences or the intervention of repairmen who do not have the necessary experience and professional knowledge. This sometimes leads to the fact that it is no longer possible to repair the failed equipment. In order to notice a malfunction in time and eliminate a damaged or defective part, it is necessary to know in advance what can fail.

Frequent Breakdowns of Garage Doors

The most obvious breakdowns of automatic gates are those that arose as a result of a car hitting the gate leaf or during an attempted unauthorized entry. This may require both ordinary straightening or replacement of gear and bent parts in a garage door opener, as well as complete dismantling and replacement of the entire door structure. It is impossible to ignore the slightest jamming of mechanisms, they can quickly develop into a major breakdown. In addition, most of the calls to specialized service centers for emergency repair of automatic gates are to eliminate the consequences of their unprofessional installation.

Let’s look at the most common breakdowns of automatic gates:

Electrical system failures.

This may include wiring problems, electrical components, or power supply malfunctions. For example, an automatic door may not open or close due to problems with electrical connections or equipment.

Problems with sensors.

Automatic doors are usually equipped with sensors that detect the movement of people or obstacles. If the sensors do not function properly, it may cause the door to malfunction. For example, a door may not open when a vehicle approaches or it may close when an obstacle is present.

Wear of mechanical components.

Due to everyday use, the mechanical components of automatic doors can wear out and require replacement or maintenance. For example, these may be problems with motors, gears, belts, hinges, or rollers.

Software problems.

Some automatic doors have software that controls their functions and settings. There may be software bugs or setup issues that could cause the door to not work properly.

Wrong service.

If automatic doors are not maintained and cleaned regularly, dust, dirt, or other contaminants can accumulate that can affect their performance.

Garage Door Monitoring

In any case, prevention is always better than urgent repair. Most of the malfunctions and failures of automatic garage doors can be eliminated at the initial stage if you make it a rule to regularly inspect them completely. It is recommended that you independently inspect the condition of the guides and other mechanisms of the gate and remove foreign particles that interfere with the normal movement of the leaf in a timely manner. This is especially true in the autumn-winter period. Excessive friction seriously affects the performance of the drive, leads to a decrease in the resource, and causes unscheduled shutdowns in case of overheating (the protective thermal relay is triggered).

It is necessary to regularly wash the gate, the sections themselves, and the rubber seals around the perimeter of the opening. For this, only non-aggressive solutions should be used; abrasive agents for cleaning mechanisms should not be used. Bolted connections also require regular inspection. If necessary, all loose bolts must be tightened.

A common cause of automatic gate failure is a lack of lubrication in rubbing joints, as a result of which mechanical parts and their interfaces wear out faster. The first sign that the mechanisms need lubrication is a characteristic creak when opening and closing the gate, extraneous noises that did not exist before. If a creak is heard in the area of the hinges, then it is usually eliminated by lubricating the rotating parts.

You can also do this yourself by injecting a little machine oil into the holes in the center of the buttonhole loop or in the center of the roll of the roller holder. If a creak comes from the mechanisms responsible for opening/closing, it is better not to touch anything, but to call a specialist from the installer company. Inept actions can cause a larger breakdown.


Why Installation of Automatic Garage Doors Needs to Be Done With Professionals

Installing automatic garage doors is a serious process that requires special knowledge and experience. Turning to professionals allows you to avoid potential problems and ensure the reliable and safe operation of the doors. Benefits of working with professionals:

  • Installing automatic garage doors involves working with electrical components, mechanisms, and other complex systems. Incorrect installation may create hazardous situations such as the risk of electric shock, the possibility of the door falling, or structural instability. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to install doors correctly and safely, following all relevant standards and guidelines.
  • Installing automatic garage doors requires precision and attention to detail. Professionals have the necessary skills and tools to perform high-quality work. They have experience with various models and types of doors, which allows them to solve possible problems or difficulties that may arise during the installation process.
  • Professionals have experience in setting up and programming automatic door systems. They can correctly configure motion sensors, open and close limits, delay times, and other settings to ensure optimal door functionality.


Professional installation of automatic garage doors ensures the safety, reliability, and proper functioning of the system, and also avoids potential problems, and maintains the manufacturer’s warranty. If you want to get a quality installation of garage doors with a remote control or to carry out a replacement gear in a garage door opener, we recommend that you contact STI Garage Door. The company works with garage door opener brands such as Chamberlain, Clopay, and Craftsman.


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