Sports Betting: The Number One Guide for Beginners

Sports betting is a type of gambling where a player places a bet against a game or event, with the hope that the predictions will turn out positive. The bookmakers offer the players expected probabilities or odds for each game. When the outcome of the game matches your prediction, then you will have won the bet.

Players have the freedom to bet on goal differences, winning teams, top scorers. and many other factors. The odds for each market are dynamic and vary throughout the game period. Let us now look at the most important things you should know before placing your initial bet in sports betting.

Fundamentals for Sports Betting

Before you start betting on a popular platform like bet way, knowing the basic principles and procedures that will boost your winning chances is essential. Understanding this art will enable you to make accurate decisions for landing a winning bet. Here are some fundamentals you need to know.

Understand The Odds

Betting odds indicate the potential payout for a winning bet. The odds of a team are usually low if its chances of winning the game are high. Most notable betting sites, such as betway present these odds in the form of moneyline odds (American), decimal odds (European), and fractional odds (British). However, most sites allow players to choose their preferred format.

Know How Bookmakers Work

Bookmakers are responsible for operating sportsbooks that provide players with a range of markets and games to bet on. They use sophisticated software tools and databases to establish the odds of one team defeating the other. These variables are subject to change before or during the game. Bookmakers are also continuously seeking other exciting and trending games to add to their sportsbooks.

Types of Bets

Bookmakers offer several types of wagers depending on the sports you fancy. Here are the popular bets that you can find on top-rated platforms such as betway:

  • Winner Markets/1×2 Markets: This wager allows you to pick the winner from three possible outcomes; home win, draw, or away win.
  • Double Chance: This bet allows you to lower the risk by selecting two possible outcomes on a single bet.
  • Handicap: This bet provides you with a head start or handicap to boost the odds where one of the opponents has an added advantage.
  • Total: This wager allows you to determine total scores, corners, bookings, and card issued. 
  • Other Honorable Mentions: Other popular bets include over and under, the best scorers, how the game will end, who wins each half of the game, and combo bets.

Tips and Strategies for Beginner Sports Bettors

As a beginner, you need to have an effective betting strategy. The most important tip is always to avoid betting with your emotions. Sometimes it is good to bet against your favorite team if they’re likely to lose. Remember, in this case, the objective is placing a successful bet and not proving your loyalty to the team. Here are the other strategies you should adopt:

  • Choose reputable bookmakers – Don’t assume all bookmakers are equal. Some don’t have broad coverage of sports events. Notable platforms like betway have  
  • Look for the best odds – Continuously search for markets with the highest odds, compare the available options, and pick the one with the lowest risk.
  • Bet on familiar sports – Your analysis of the games is an added advantage to making a successful bet. So, wager on the games you love and follow.  

Final Thoughts

Sports betting is an exemplary form of entertainment that will keep you occupied. Even as a beginner, you can start enjoying this venture’s vast advantages and fun. With an understanding of basic rules and principles, you can immediately place your first bet on betway and begin the thrilling journey of wagering on all your favorite events.


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