Royal Holiday Commended For Top Safety Rating at their Beautiful Resorts

Taking a vacation allows people to unwind and get their minds off their everyday life. Going for a vacation with friends or family is the perfect time to bond and create unforgettable memories. People tend to take a lot of time when deciding where to go on vacation since they have to think of the price. Additionally, they have to think about safety, where they will stay and how close the accommodation will be to all the places they want to visit.Beautiful Resorts

Moreover, if they have children, they have to think of getting a family-friendly accommodation. All this can stress them out and take most of their time. Royal holiday vacation club books vacationers to the perfect safe accommodation for its members, and this allows the members to relax and prepare to have a great time. What They Are Doing To Promote Safety In Their Mexican resorts really is terrific and ensures that the fake news media trying to portray Mexico as unsafe is thwarted and all travelers are invited to come down and see the beautiful resorts that line Mexico!

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership = Safety and Great Travel Deals

Royal holiday vacation club is a membership that allows the members to go on vacation at a discounted rate through the clubs travel deals that are purchased in advance. This membership club makes it easier and affordable for anybody to spend time with their family and friends. Once a person is enrolled as a member of the royal club, they get access to all the amenities and holiday choices provided by Royal Holiday. Royal Holiday Vacations are earned by the number of points a person receives while travelling and staying in any of the numerous royal hotels that all have top travel safety ratings and world class amenities. This means that the points accumulate the more the customers travel.

When one has a membership card, they can exchange their royal holiday vacation and accommodation to go on a cruise or have alternate lodging. Based in Mexico, and providing vacation trips around Mexico, Canada, USA, and the Caribbean islands. They ensure when travelers come to visit their home country “Mexico” that they ensure all of the members have a great time in the country and not to worry about the accommodation, safety, and travel means as it’s all covered and guaranteed to be safe.

Mexico Resorts Receive Highest Safety Rating

When on vacation in a foreign country or new location the issue about security is always a priority. Safety includes travel safety, accommodation safety, and water safety. Nobody wants to spend time in a hotel only to wake up and find that their valuable possessions are missing. For these reasons Royal Holiday Mexico ensures that all their members and clients are provided with extra security.

  • Accommodation safety

The hotels are safe and have the best security systems. This is to ensure that all the customers feel safe walking in the hotel halls. Additionally, the members need to feel safe and know that any of their expensive possessions like money, credit cards, and jewellery will be safe.

  • Water safety

When going on vacation, there are a few things that must be catered for. Most of the customers and clients prefer accommodation where there is a pool or the beach. This call for safety since nobody would want to drown while on vacation. Royal holiday Mexico has water safety measures like pool safety, water sports safety rules and the water safety for children rules. This allows the members to be at ease when they are near the water or trying out any water sport.

  • Travel safety

When travelling to a new location, it can be scary, especially if it’s for the first time. Royal holiday vacation club provides transport to its members. This ensures that the customer reaches their destination safely. While traveling with bags and children getting the right means of transportation right away without any struggle is always a bonus. For this reason, the royal holiday ensures that they have enough means of transport that allow the members to reach their destination safely.Beautiful Resorts

Some of the safest places in the world are at Mexico’s elite resorts and this includes:

  • Park Royal Los Cabos in San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur
  • Park Royal Mazatlan
  • Grand Park Royal in Puerto Vallarta, Park Royal Los Tules, and Torre Condomar Sunscape Resort and Spa
  • Galeria Plaza in Veracruz

Cancun has one of the highest safety ratings despite what fake news may be portraying in an effort to scare potential tourists. Some of the safest resorts from Royal Holiday include:

  • Park Royal Cancun
  • Grand PR Cancun Caribe Royal Tower
  • Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe
  • Grand Riveira Princess in Playa Del Carmen and the Grand Park Royal in Cozumel all take the top spots for safety ratings.

See for yourself and find the vacation of your dreams at a top notch resort in Mexico where you will be safer than most of America and Canada at:


Having safe travel is the number one priority when one is planning a vacation. Royal holiday Mexico ensures that this is achieved by providing the members with safe travel means and great security in the hotels.

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