5 Reasons You Still Need A Wired Network At Your Office

Some modern businesses have eschewed the traditional Local Area Network (LAN), in favor of simply using wireless access points and Wi-Fi to connect computers. In some ways, this makes sense – as more and more employees are using laptops and smartphones to connect to the network, it makes sense that more companies would focus on Wi-Fi.

But when it comes to Vancouver computer networking, there are still a number of reasons that a wired network is still invaluable for just about every business. A well-built local area network that uses network mapping for optimized troubleshooting and network planning functionality is well worth the expense of running cables, buying port switchers, and other basic computer networking tasks.

No Setup Required For End-Users

One of the biggest benefits of a traditional Ethernet-based network is that it requires absolutely no setup from an end-user. They get to their desk, plug in their laptop to the network and set up their workstation, and get to work.

Obviously, Wi-Fi is still required for mobile computing, and working outside of offices and desks. But because Ethernet requires less setup, it’s easier for employees to understand – and use.

Better Reliability

Wi-Fi connections are inherently less reliable than Ethernet-based, wired connections. This is due to the fact that, by design, a Wi-Fi connection has many more “moving parts”. Routers, modems, wireless access points – there are many more systems that can fail or perform poorly.

This is not the case with an Ethernet connection. When it’s plugged in, it either works – or it doesn’t. And even in the rare case that a wired connection fails, it’s very easy to troubleshoot.

Faster Speeds

Even the most powerful, enterprise-grade wireless access points often have difficulties matching the sheer speed of modern Local Area Networks. 10 Gigabit Ethernet is now widely available, and can be used to transfer data both locally and to outside networks at incredible speeds.

In contrast, even modern 802.1 1ac routers have difficulties approaching even 1 gigabit transfer rates. This means that wireless networks are much less effective at transferring huge amounts of data to a locally-networked device, like a server, file backup system, or virtual environment.

Enhanced Computer Security

Wireless networks are inherently less secure than wired networks. They are more vulnerable to hacking, intrusion and exploits – making it easier for unauthorized users to breach your security.

There is only one way to use a wired connection. By physically plugging a computer. That means that, unless someone is on-site using your Ethernet with your permission, your data is secure. This is one reason that some companies use a separate wired and wireless network – it helps dramatically enhance the security of computer networking systems.

Less Work For IT Staff (And Less Downtime)

Because wired connections are more stable, reliable, fast, and foolproof than wireless connections, wired computer networking solutions are easier for IT staff to maintain. This means they don’t have to spend as much time troubleshooting basic connection issues.

Also, having both a wired and wireless network ensures that your employees do not suffer from prolonged periods of downtime if wireless systems begin to fail or act up. Though it may be a bit inconvenient, they can simply plug their computers into the wired network, and use it until wireless connectivity is restored.

Network downtime at an enterprise-scale business can easily cost thousands of dollars per minute, so the less downtime you experience at your business, the better!

Don’t Just Go Wireless – Wired Computer Networking Is Worth The Investment

While it can be somewhat expensive to invest in Ethernet switches, cabling, and installation, the investment is worth every penny. A wired network has dozens of benefits – the above 5 are just the most obvious ones.

So don’t wait – and don’t rely only on wireless access points and networking. Start thinking about how you can employ wired networking at your business today.

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