Places To Visit In Barcelona as to Appreciate Art and Architecture

Art-lovers, unite! Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities to visit because of its varied architecture and impressive art collections. For the past few centuries, it has been home to some great thinkers and their works. 

If you find yourself scheduling a trip to this beautiful city, it is recommended that you invest in a good place to stay. Furnished apartments in Barcelona are incredibly popular and offer a safe space for you to rest before a long day ahead.

And if you want to plan your itinerary ahead, here are some interesting sights to see and places to explore so you can get started!

Museu Picasso

Any artist or art-lover worth their salt has heard of Picasso, so why not take a trip to the world-renowned Picasso Museum for a glimpse of the artist’s time in Barcelona? This museum is a physical record of the artist’s formative years. It was opened in 1963 by Jaume Sabartés, his friend and personal secretary.

At its opening, Museu Picasso only had a few pieces from Sabartés’ personal collection. However, it now has nearly 3,800 pieces in its permanent collection, all spread across five adjoining spaces.

The museum provides a unique, in-depth perspective of Picasso’s studies at art school, his blue period, paintings from the mature Cubist era, and then wraps up with a collection of linocuts, engravings, and ceramics.

Park Güell

If you are in the mood for some lush greenery and sophisticated artistry, then Park Güell is the place for you. This is an enormous garden with a wide variety of stunning, distinct architectural elements designed by Antonio Gaudi, a famous Catalan architect. The park itself is named after Eusebi Güell, a wealthy count and entrepreneur who loved Gaudi’s work.

The park received UNESCO World Heritage site status in 1984 for its historical, architectural, and artistic uniqueness. Park Güell is known for Trencadis, which is a unique mosaic created by small pieces of broken ceramics. There is no entrance fee, so you can visit anytime and stroll to your heart’s content!

Sagrada Familia

You cannot visit Barcelona without going to the Sagrada Familia at least once. This stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the longest ongoing construction projects in history. Since the responsibility of completing the building has passed through several architects now, you can see how there are intersections of both late Gothic and Catalan Noucentisme styles.

Antonio Gaudi, the architect we mentioned previously, also worked extensively on the Sagrada Familia. In fact, he was so passionate about the cathedral that he dedicated the rest of his life to this project. Gaudi is reported to have lived his final years inside the structure.

Casa Milà

Here is one more building designed by the famous Gaudi before he became enamoured by the construction of the Sagrada Familia. Casa Milà is the last residential house he designed, and it’s definitely a head turner.

The house is supported by several large support pillars that are eight stories high. They are responsible for keeping the building structurally sound. From the rooftop’s varied chimney structures to the displays in the attic, you will easily spend an entire afternoon on this trip. The attic, in particular, has valuable insight into the many inspirations that Gaudi used to create his art.

Three Chimney Urban Park

Barcelona is incredibly diverse. It is truly a melting pot of different cultures. So it comes as no surprise that the streets are home to some of the most thought-provoking and eye-catching expressions of art as well.

For this reason, it is recommended that you take some time during your stay in Barcelona to take a quick walking tour of the area. You may find a few hidden gems just a few streets ahead!

But if you are looking for a quick one-stop shop for all your artsy needs, consider going to the Three Chimney Urban Park. This is where street artists of all skill levels congregate to paint in this purpose-built graffiti park. It is an interesting place because there are always new art pieces to look at and admire.

Museu d’Art Contemporani (MACBA)

Looking for a museum that showcases some more recent work? The MACBA houses some fantastic artworks created during the second half of the twentieth century. This isn’t a one-hour trip; there are plenty of thought-provoking pieces and you will probably spend two to three hours looking around. 

This power player is known for housing simple but surprising works. There will be plenty of reading and wandering to do on-site, so pack your thinking hat and put on your sturdiest pair of walking shoes!


Barcelona is one of those cities where you will never be bored, even if you are travelling alone. Aside from art and architecture, it’s got beautiful beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife. Get ready to fully engage your eyes, ears, and taste buds on this trip!


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