Out for Summer: 3 of the Best Cruises for Teens to Take This Year

Cruises are more popular than ever. In fact, over 26 million people took a cruise in 2017 alone!

But when you spend so much time onboard, you need to make sure that the destination and the cruise line are chosen with care. After all, who wants to get stuck on a ship that has nothing to do?

Luckily, cruises understand this and have created activities catering to teenagers that are separate from activities for younger kids.

Do you need help picking the best cruise line for your family vacation? Then keep reading to discover the 3 best cruises for teens.

1. Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises does a fantastic job coming up with unique and fun activities that teenagers love. There are archery tournaments, laser mazes, hot glass classes, and even Xbox One tournaments.

There are also outdoor movie nights, themed parties, late-night dance parties, PlayStations, karaoke, team trivia games, sports tournaments, talent shows, fitness activities, and pool Olympics. There are also cooking classes, where you can learn how to make pizza or go behind the scenes and see where the ship’s chefs work to make those delicious meals.

The wide variety of activities available ensures that no matter what you’re interested in, you can find tons to do on Celebrity Caribbean cruises.

2. Royal Caribbean

If you’re looking for a cruise line with tons of active options, you can’t go wrong with Royal Caribbean.

Their ships come equipped with ice-skating rinks, water slides, mini golf courses, rock-climbing walls, and full-sized basketball courts. The Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas ship even has things like ziplining, a running track, and a laser tag arena.

There are also spacious teen areas that include various dining options. Perhaps the best part is that teens (15-17 years old) and tweens (12 to 14 years old) are separated. This helps ensure that you don’t feel like you’ve outgrown the teen area as there won’t be a bunch of younger kids present.

3. Carnival Cruise Line

Much like Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line also separates teens (ages 15-17) and tweens (ages 12-14). Teens can enjoy late-night parties complete with a lit dance floor and a “bar” that serves soft drinks. There are also several gaming consoles and activities like scavenger hunts, sporting events, video game tournaments, pool functions, and karaoke.

One of the most unique aspects of Carnival Cruise Line is the Thrill Theater. This is a 3-D movie experience that includes special effects, like bubbles and vibrating seats, that helps the movie come to life. There’s also plenty of outdoor activities, like water slides, sports courts, and a ropes course.

Best Cruises for Teens

Don’t get stuck on a cruise without anything fun to do. And don’t settle for a cruise line that has one youth club that includes activities for both kids and teenagers. Instead, use this guide to help your parents pick one of the best cruises for teens.

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