Making A Vision Board Is The Smartest Thing To Do This Year

When you keep your goal in front of your eyes, it inspires you to work towards it every day. If you want to achieve something you cannot slack on it. If you’re want to be motivated, then you should share your goal with your friends and family. They will help you in reminding your ultimate goal to you, and it will keep you going.

If you are not comfortable with sharing your goal with everyone, then there is an alternate way to keep yourself moving. You should have a vision board with all types of visual and textual inspiration that reminds you of your goal. These visual boards have beautiful aesthetics which makes it a must-have in your office. You can put it in a space where you spend the most time. It can either your bedroom or office or even your desk. All the visual and textual cues will remind you to work towards your goal every single day.

Why Is It So Important?

There are more than one reasons, why it is so important.

First of all, it makes your goal clear to you. It happens with all of us that we get confused what do we want in our life. When you decide to do something you can create a roadmap for your journey to success by breaking your ultimate goal in short-term goals.

Even if you have decided to do something in life, there will always be something which will come in your way. Your day to day life and hustle will exhaust you so much that you would have an excuse in hand. If you don’t want to get stuck in this rut, then get a vision board. It will tell you to get it things done no matter how difficult they seem to be.

Vision board is a beautiful way to keep you moving towards your goals every day. No matter how distracted you are, when you have your vision board in front of you, you will always be in accordance. If you are ever on the move, then you can create a vision board online as well. In this way, vision board will still inspire you no matter where you are.

How To Make A Vision Board?

Things Required:

A cork board or canvas

Various kind of images. Go crazy-print pictures, cut them out from a magazine, use scrap paper. The possibilities are endless.


Glue/ Mod Podge

Coloured Pen

Paint (optional)

Step 1: Step aside some me-time for yourself. It is not a general craft project. You should put all your positive energies in this project with your enthusiasm.

Step 2: You can start by preparing your canvas/ cork board. You can either paint it or cover it with a paper or fabric.

Step 3: Print and cut out the pictures. You will need loads of them. The more, the merrier. Use old magazines, newspapers and scrap paper for this purpose. Get pictures that remind you of your goal.

Step 4: Get your quotes printed. Arrange everything as per your liking. You have the liberty to get as creative as you want.

To give you an example, if your goal is to have a business of your own,  then your vision board should reflect it. Put images of a life that you want. Write down quotes. Put it elements and charms that inspire you.

Step 5: Once you have decorated it with charms colorful pins and doodles, your vision board is ready. You can even take its picture on your phone to have an online vision board that is handy.

This is how simple it is to create your vision board. We wish you all the best for your goals.

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