Lower Auto Insurance Rates for Young Ladies

It is common knowledge that ladies get charged lower car insurance rates compared to gentlemen and the gap is wider in early years of driving. Many people are ready to argue the point on the basis of gender discrimination. Nonetheless, this does not change the point that males have to pay higher premiums. The problem with this argument would be that such people would be arguing for higher charges for ladies. What if ladies get better deals from auto insurers? This does not make male motorists worse off, does it?

There is a reason why young female drivers pay less. Statistically speaking car insurance for young men is higher than females because they are higher risk drivers. They cause over ninety percent of fatal accidents and collect the most driving related tickets. When this is clearly the case how can it be fair for the ladies to pay as much premium as male drivers? Allegedly, young boys are full of testosterone and this makes them take much more risks. They like to impress their friends and they engage in highly dangerous driving practices.

They break the speed limits and they ignore the danger signs as if defying them. When they cause an accident, they are usually very serious with fatalities and large property damages. The rule applied by most insurance firms is simple. He who causes the most damages pays the highest premium.

As they reach the age of 25, they seem to calm down with experience and maturity. At that point, the rate division seems to come down a bit but not disappear. Ladies still manage to get lower cost automobile insurance from most companies.

Lessons to Learn from These Revelations

If you are a young boy or a parent of one you should listen to these reasons. You should take it that your son may engage in risky driving practices and they may result in his and others death. Parents should emphasize this point without scaring them. They should make deals with them so that they will observe the rules of the roads. They should check with them that they are not driving at early hours of the day. These are the times they are most likely to be drunk. Therefore, they should either return home timely or they should not take the car to go out drinking with their buddies.

Another very important point is the type of car youngsters drive. When they lack the experience to handle normal road conditions and a slower automobile, buying a power horse for them may be an invitation for trouble. Buying safer cars can save lives at early ages. They would not be reaching high speeds quickly and getting out of control and they would protect them better should they have accidents. Parents can have a deal that youngsters can get the car they want if they manage to avoid having accidents and getting caught by speed and other traffic cameras. This will result in inner control and cheaper car insurance rates.

Possible Solutions for High Premiums   

If you are really concerned about their driving and they do not seem to be listening to what you are saying about the matter you should perhaps send them to safe driving courses. A professional instructor would know what to do and you would know if it worked when they passed their test. As a result, you may feel more comfortable and pay less on vehicle insurance.

Parents can also insist that they should do well in school if they want a car. Having good grades in school shows that they stay level headed despite their age. And further discounts can be achieved this way for college students.

Another good solution that may help you with premiums is to shop around for good deal auto insurance policies. Not every company is terrified of insuring teen drivers. Some of them are less concerned and willing to look at the risk more favorably. 

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