How To Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Are you searching for tips on how to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks quickly and safely? If yes, then you’ve landed to the right place. In this article, I have compiled some proven ways to lose weight naturally and safely. Before going through these tips, you should understand the science behind weight loss. Losing weight comes as a result of reducing the number calories in your body at any instance. This comes as a result of balancing the calorie equation. This means you ensure that you lose more calories than you eat in a day. This makes your body deficient of calories, and as a result, you lose some weight.


There are many ways to lose weight out there. However, some of them may employ a harsh approach that leaves you hungry or even make you have some unhealthy weight loss. This should not be the case. Here are simple and effective ways to lose weight safely.

They are classified into: diet measures and physical exercises.

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks: 10 simple Steps

  1. Eat Proteins in every meal: Proteins help in weight loss since they contain few calories per a given mass compared to other foods. One gram of protein has four calories while a gram of fat, on the other hand, contains nine calories. As a result, a protein diet keeps you satisfied with only a few calories intake.
  2. Reduce the Intake of Sugar and Starches: Sugary and starchy foods stimulate the secretion of insulin in the body. Insulin is the fat storage hormone in the body. By reducing the intake of starch and sugars, insulin secretion also reduces and as a result, the body burn fat than carbohydrates.

Alternatively, reducing the insulin present in the body helps the kidneys to lose excess water and sodium. This reduces water weight and bloat.

  1. Drinking 8-12 cups of water daily: Taking plenty of water helps to improve weight loss. Especially taking at least a cup of water before every meal makes you feel full thus take a little food. This translates to lower calories intake.
  2. Drink Green Tea: Recent research that was conducted on the metabolic impact of green tea extract shows that taking green tea helps you to burn up to 70 calories in 24 hours. This amounts to up to 7.3 pounds of body fats in a year. This is because of catechism, metabolism-enhancing antioxidants present in green tea.
  3. Spicing up food: According to Angelo Tremblay, Ph.D., the director of kinesiology at Laval University in Canada, eating hot pepper boosts your basal metabolic rate which leads to burning more calories without engaging in any form of exercise.

This is due to the presence of Capsaicin in pepper that accelerates the production of adrenalin hormone thus speed up your metabolic rate.

Additionally, Dr. Tremblay says that hot peppers reduce your appetite thus reducing your daily calories intake.

  1. Get enough quality sleep every night: This sounds funny. However, having enough sleep is crucial to anyone aiming at losing weight. Having enough sleep gives you enough energy for exercise and also helps you to control hunger. On the other hand, lack of enough sleep causes increased hunger, weight gain, and muscle loss. The recommended time of sleep is 7-9 hours.
  2. Reduce the daily intake of processed foods: Taking processed foods has been identified to among the primary causes of obesity. Foods like cakes, doughnuts, cereals and French fries contains a lot of calories but do not fill you up. Taking such foods to satisfaction leads to an excess of calories in the body.

For you to lose weight, you should substitute these foods with whole foods such as fish, apples, eggs, etc. that help you lower the intake of calories.


  1. Eat Every Meal: Some people have the notion that skipping meals helps in losing weight. However, the reverse happens. Skipping meals makes your body feel as if there is a shortage of food. As a result, it slows metabolism to conserve energy. This leads to slow burning of calories leading to an excess of calories in the body. To lose weight, you should avoid skipping meals regardless of the daily schedule.
  2. Track your daily calorie intake using an app or a journal: Monitoring the calorie content of your food for a few days serves as an eye opener to give you a rough estimate of what you eat and what you should eat to achieve the desired weight loss.
  3. Follow a Nutrition Plan: After knowing your daily calorie intake target, you need to set up a plan and follow it to achieve the desired weight loss. In creating a nutrition plan, you should consult an experienced nutritionist.

Exercise Plan To Lose 20 Pounds

Engaging in intensive body extensive body exercises helps to burn down excess calories thus losing weight. Here are some exercises that have been proven to work in facilitating weight loss:


  1. Schedule for workouts in the morning: Always ensure to follow your daily workout plan every morning. This boosts your energy thus keeping you strong throughout the day. Taking a regular workout plan every morning reduces the pressure that would result from fixing the exercise in the day.
  2. Regularly commute to work: Instead of taking a car to work, consider using other means such as walking, running or riding a bike. This serves as an exercise that makes you burn down excess body fat thus progressing towards weight loss.
  3. Forgo lifts and escalators for the stairs whenever you have a choice: As you climb the stairs, your heart beat increases. Alternatively, this work up activates your muscles and thus helps to lower your blood pressure, reduce body fat percentage, weight, size, and cholesterol levels in the body.
  4. Learn and practice Kettlebell swings: Kettlebell exercise helps to build power, strength, and stability. This exercise also helps in boosting the body’s metabolic activity thus making it a great weight loss solution. Kettlebell swings help to burn up to 20.2 calories per minute which is a higher value compared to the average calories burnt through jogging.
  5. Hire a personal trainer: Practicing different physical exercise is a good option to ensure weight loss. However, practicing alone may not be beneficial. As a result, you should get someone to teach you how to exercise correctly and achieve the desired results, give you the appropriate safety tips to avoid getting injuries from the weight loss workouts and always ensure you heed to your preset goals.

Therefore, your trainer should have a vast knowledge in this field and should give you the appropriate training. All the workouts mentioned above and dietary measures have been tried and found to work to achieve weight loss in both men and women. However, combining several procedures and strictly following them gives better results to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

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