Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriends & His Dating History

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood’s biggest stars has always been a charming and successful man; therefore he never fell short of the world’s most beautiful ladies in his company. He’s a well-known lover of sexy models, and his dating history doesn’t lie. It is difficult to know the actual number of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriends & his dating history he had with the ladies, however we have shortlisted the list of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriends which made headlines round the world.

Here Is The List Of Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriends And Dating History:

Bridget Hall (1994):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Bridget Hall

Leonardo DiCaprio very first girlfriend Bridget Hall, a fashion model and actor dated in the year 1994 and had breakup with him after a disappointing ‘night of love’.

Naomi Campbell (1995):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Naomi Campbell

Another Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend is Naomi, a Fashion designer, Television producer, Fashion Model, Model, and a Supermodel. Naomi and Leo were considered to be good friends. However Leo was sometimes seen flirting with Naomi in the year 1995.

Brittany Daniel (1995):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Brittany Daniel

Though for not a long time, but these two love birds, shared some screen space together in 1995 film The Basketball Diaries with Brittany’s character left him seduced.

Kristen Zang (1996-1998):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Kristen Zang

This relationship lasted for around two years 1996 to 1998 and is considered as one of the most serious affairs Leo ever had. According to Leo she was the cutest girl he had ever seen. Kristen after Leo’s success of Romeo+Juliet, used to catch up with him at the sets of titanic.

Claire Daniels (1995-1996):

Leonardo DiCaprio Claire Daniels

The duo’s outstanding performance, made them fall in love in reality to! However the Romeo+Juliet stars could not carry on the relationship for long as Leo was kind of immature for Claire, which led to their breakup.

Kate Winslet (1997):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Kate Winslet

The chemistry of Leo and Kate was the most remembered romance ever! The movie spread the magic deeply in the hearts of the people, therefore speculations were made of both of them being in love with each other, however, the truth was which was difficult to swallow by the people, that they were just good friends.

Helena Christensen (1997):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Helena Christensen

Another Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend Helena in the queue, the affair emerged in 1997 post-Titanic, however after a few months it all ended.

Bijou Phillips (1998):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Bijou Phillips

Bijou Philips was Leo’s teenage love. The relationship emerged in 1998, but didn’t last for long later she moved on with Elijah Wood.

Eva Herzigova (1998):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Eva Herzigova

Yet another Victoria’s secret model, Leo and Eva both met at a premier party, however the relationship ended when the model got married.

Amber Valletta (1998):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Amber Valletta

Amber, a Spokesperson, Model and Actor, this pretty girl in magazine, who made millions of men crazy for her, got hooked to the very charming Leonardo DiCaprio in 1998.

Gisele Bundchen(2000-2005):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Gisele Bundchen

Yet another Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriend, the Duo was awarded with the tag of being the most beautiful couple. However the relationship was extremely fluctuating but everything was called off when Leo failed to gather the guts to propose her. Leo and Gisele ended a relationship agreeably after five years as official boyfriend and girlfriend.

Bar Refaeli (2005-2011):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Bar Refaeli

Another Victoria’s secret model, who got hooked up after meeting Leo in a party thrown by U2 in the year 2005 at Las Vegas. Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli dated each other on-and-off for over 5 years.

Emma Miller (2011):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Emma Miller

After a detachment from Bar Rafaeli, the duo was seen hanging out together.

Ashley Roberts (2009):
Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Ashley Roberts

The singer’s romance with the handsome actor didn’t last for long.

Anne Vyalitsyna:

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna

Victoria’s secret model Anne met Leo in Ibiza where the couple started hanging out.

Blake Lively (2009):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Blake Lively

It just happened for five months and yet another break up! Everybody expected this lady to change the course of Leo’s romancing life; however it was yet another failure.

Alyce Crawford (2011):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Alyce Crawford

This Swimwear model from Australia made to the romancing list of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriends, however proved to be yet another history! The duo was dating in 2011 when Leo was in Sydney filming The Great Gatsby.

Erin Heatherton(2011-2012):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Erin Heatherton

Leonardo DiCaprio was in a relationship with Erin Heatherton. The relationship lasted for 10 months and ended without giving a proper reason.

Madalina Ghenea (2011):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Madalina Ghenea

Yet another failed relationship and tried to be known for her choice of work and not for being somebody’s past.

Toni Garrn (2013-2014):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Toni Garrn

Another Victoria’s secret model Toni, which made it possible to get the perfect woman he ever dreamt of, however the expectations were all shattered when the duo split.

Kelly Rohrbach (2015-2016):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach

One more Victoria’s secret model added to the list of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriends. The 25 year old who is a model became the latest lady love for Leo. However the couple could not carry it further and called of the relationship.

Lauren Hutton (Feb 2016):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Lauren Hutton

After Leo won his first ever Oscar, it is said that he celebrated his win with Lauren Hutton. They both stayed together for the whole night.

Rihanna (2015-2016):

Leonardo Dicaprio Girlfriend Rihanna

In 2015 (maybe), January 2016 (perhaps) and again in April 2016: 

Speculations are made for both the super-stars to be together. Shocking indeed!

To every body’s amazement, after multiple relationships with the leading beauties of the world, Leo hasn’t married!!

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