Don’t Let Unlicensed HVAC Contractors Make a Mess At Your Home

You may have sticker shock when you first look at having a new HVAC system installed. New units and their installation can be very expensive, but they are a necessity to heat and cool your home. You may try to find ways to cut corners with your new HVAC system. You may consider installing your heating and air conditioning yourself, or you may think that it would be ok to hire someone that claims to know how to install the unlicensed HVAC contractors. You can visit hvacschools411 to learn how to become an HVAC professional in case you don’t want to hire an HVAC contractor for simple repairs in your house.

There are many risks when it comes to hiring someone to install your heating and cooling system. You may receive a bad machine, you may have issues with your local code enforcement, and you may experience a system that does not work as it should. It is always important to hire an HVAC contractor that is licensed and has all the necessary experience to install your system.

The Risks of Hiring Professional unlicensed HVAC contractors

There are many risks of hiring unlicensed HVAC contractors. These include: 

  • Code enforcement. There are permits and regulations that must be followed when a new heating and air conditioning system is installed. If you hire someone unlicensed and they do not pull a permit or follow codes, you could end up in trouble with your local county. They may have you tear out the new system and have it installed by a local professional. You may also face fines due to this. 
  • Poor unit. If you hire an unlicensed tech, they may try to sell you equipment that they have on hand. If you do this, you could be dealing with a lot of repairs. Even if you do get a new unit, they may install it improperly, leaving you with a unit that needs frequent repairs. 
  • Sloppy craftsmanship. When you hire an unlicensed person to do the work, the work may be sloppy. Hiring professional HVAC technicians from CW Service Pros will allow you to have a system that has been installed neatly and correctly. 
  • Liability. If you hire a technician that is not licensed, the chances are that they are not going to have insurance. If they were to get injured on your job, they could hold you liable. Instead of taking that risk, you should always hire a professional.
  • Safety hazards. Unlicensed HVAC contractors are dangerous. They may not notice everything that needs to be done when it comes to installing the system. They could put both you and your family at extreme risk. For example, if you have a gas furnace installed, and they do not install it correctly, you could be looking at carbon monoxide poisoning. This could cause extreme sickness and even death. By hiring a professional, you know that you do not have to worry about this.
  • Missed Issues. An unlicensed HVAC contractor may miss issues that a licensed tech would not. For example, they may just worry about slamming your unit in and moving on to the next one. They may not take a look at your ductwork. If your ductwork has damage, it is going to put more wear and tear on your new unit. This will lead to early breakdowns and your home not being heated and cooled as it should. A licensed tech will know how to look for these things. 
  • Money. You might think that you are saving money having your heating and air conditioning system installed by an unlicensed technician when in reality, you will be spending out more money. Improperly installed units, fines from code enforcement, and repairs will all add up. You are much better off getting a new HVAC unit installed by HVAC contractors. 

Never let an unlicensed technician install your heating and air conditioning. They may talk like they know what they are doing, but in reality, they do not know everything. If they did, they would be able to get their license and follow all the codes and permits of your area. Hiring a licensed HVAC company will ensure that you do not have to worry about a faulty unit, and improperly installed unit, or anything else going wrong with your system. Take your time and find the right company for all of your HVAC needs. If you want to save money, ask them what kind of specials they have going on currently. Heating and cooling companies like Pro Air Tech in Dallas GA, often run specials on new systems and their installation to help you to save money while having a great energy-saving heating and air conditioning system.

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