How To Make An Effective Youtube Intro That Attracts Customers For Your Brands

YouTube is a social media platform that is trendy and is going to stay, just like the competition – the genre doesn’t matter. There is endless content being created and churned out of YouTube every day, which means that for you and your brand to reach a wider audience, a gripping intro is a must. Your motto, your logo, and your ethos – these elements have to be repeated in every video, so people can recall your brand identity when they see your intro. Viewers and followers determine if your brand would be a social media hit or not, thus hooking them onto your content will bring them back to your Youtube channel in the future. All you have to do is to design a captivating yet simple and catchy intro video and let the viewer count roll into your channel.

Elements of a Good Intro

You have got the amazing opportunity to reach more than millions of YouTube users. Connecting with these users begins with creating a captivating introduction video. This video is crucial because when viewers hit play, they need to like what they’re watching, and should want to watch more content from you. You need to reel them in – hook, line, and sinker. They should have the urge to hit the like button and subscribe to your future content. I have analyzed videos that have the best introduction clips and broke them down for better understanding. Follow on to understand what it takes to make a killer introduction video.

Crisp and on Point

Your introduction video will play before every single video you upload. It must be short, intriguing, and explain what you stand for. And, it should do all of these under ten seconds. Why? Because viewers have short attention spans and there are many alternate options that they might choose if they are not interested in your videos.

Engaging with the User

The intro video should resonate with viewers. They should feel interested enough to keep watching the rest of the video, and not hit skip. Let the viewers know what you are going to cover in the video so that they feel hooked to the actual content. Get to the point! Don’t be vague in your content, words, or video!

Youtube Intro makers

If you are a novice at making videos or just aren’t tech-savvy, worry not. There are plenty of websites out there that work as intro makers and come with templates that can help you create a video in no time. Their features are endless. You can design everything you can imagine; from a simple introduction with just the name of your brand to computer-generated graphics to inserting a video you shot, you can do anything you desire!

Brand Identity

If you have a logo or a catchphrase or a colour palette – use it unabashedly in the intro. Subconsciously the viewer should begin to associate them with you. Remember, consistency is the key. Make the video professional, and make sure you reflect what you represent. It’s simple, the familiarity will bring viewers back.

Catchy and Fun

Viewers love different, fun, and bright intros. Make them want to watch you. Think out of the box- use animation and graphics, and have fun designing your introduction. After all, it’s going to play before every single one of your videos.

Here are the most loved intro makers for your reference – 

  1. Biteable

Known for its user-friendly interface and simple tools, Biteable is one of the most popular options when it comes to online introduction creators. Depending on the type of brand you are, they have templates that can be customized. The end product is professional, crisp, and smart. If you choose to upgrade, you can unlock more features that will help better your video – like removing the Biteable watermark or adding your videos.

  1. Renderforest

The current favourite of millions, Renderforest has a vast library of templates to choose from. Basic typography, animation, CGI – you dream it, they have it. Every aspect of the template can be modified to suit your needs. The catch is that free videos lack quality, and you have to keep upgrading to unlock the website’s full potential. They are a one-stop solution for all your branding needs because they specialize in logos, intros, and website design.

  1. InVideo

If you want to make a video for your YouTube page, the current favourite and trending website is InVideo. All you need is a couple of minutes, and a rough idea of what kind of video you want; InVideo has all the tools to make it happen. InVideo helps you create your dream intro video in less than 5 minutes. They have the option of editing pre-existing designs, or starting from scratch; all depends on your level of comfort. They have a clean interface and categories for each typology. The costing is reasonable, and the features available in the package are more than worth the investment. InVideo is definitely captivating once you try!

  1. Filmora

If you have already dabbled in video creation, and are looking to take your content to the 

next level, then Filmora is for you. The website is a warehouse of templates – each with extensive features and options. And, as you upgrade, you can utilize more of the special effects. This website is known for its ability to add sound-tracks that could double up your jingle.

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