How To Fix Back Posture For Standing Good Position

Need of Proper Body Alignment for Fitness?

Fitness is the blessing and keeping this fitness is most difficult task. Sitting or standing in proper alignment is very effectiveness and efficient to get rid of stress, strain and fatigue.


Following are few methods to have a proper body alignment to improve posture.

Creative way to improve back posture

One should image a string pulling him upward and straightened him so as to improve posture and height. Another creative way to improve the back posture is by using tape. Make a X on your back, starting from shoulder and ending at opposite side hip, then close up the upper portion of X at neck level. It is very effective way to retain the back. The tape should be change daily and should be applied after straightened your body.

way to improve posture

Third important way to improve posture is to keep the head in strict, tighten way, not lean forward. Avoid the slough while walking. If someone forgets to keep his posture in straight position, he should keep remembering and focusing a thing or color. Whenever he remembers that object or color, he will take a look on his body. Focusing on once calves is another way to retain back upright and in good posture. It will balance your body, by weighing on feet.

Sitting posture

So many of us, when sit on desk, lean head and back. It affects our spine badly. With time, our spine position gets bad and bad. Now days, in this era, mostly people work by sitting on chair for many hours. One should be very conscious about sitting position.

Sitting posture

If a person has to sit for many hours, he should keep in mind following points.

  • Use such a chair instead of desk that is provided with ergonomically designed for proper height and weight and designed to provide proper support.
  • Avoid sloughing or leaning forward by aligning with back of seat.
  • Keep computer or object in an angle to avoid leaning.
  • In standing posture, keep your shoulder straight and square, your head should be upright and heels neck and back should be aligned.
  • Keep both feet on ground, in balance position.
  • Keep your arm flexed, not straight out.
  • Take standing breaks if anyone has to sit all day. He should stand up, walk, do exercise and then do the rest of tasks.

Walking posture

Always stand with good standing posture and start standing or walking with upright position. One should keep head up, shoulder back. Chest out, eyes looking ahead and avoid pushing head forward.

Walking posture


A good posture gives a sound sleep. A firmer mattress should be used. Sleeping on back will provide good sleep than on stomach. If someone prefers sleeping on side, try to slip a small, soft pillow between knees to keep your spine align and straight. Similarly, a pillow should be used under head to provide comfortable support.


Driving posture

One should adjust the head rest in such a way that middle of your head rests against it. The distance between back of head and seat should not be greater than 10cm.

Driving posture

Train your core muscles

To keep your core muscles and belly in shape, do belly exercises.


By taking good care of your posture now, you will enjoy and savor lifelong health benefits and beauty. ― Cindy Ann Peterson

Standing posture

Alignment and posture means proper standing posture. It is important not only for good body balance but gives us confidence. Keep your feet apart on ground similar to shoulders.

Standing posture

General posture

Identify good posture, which is just keeping body in an alignment. Exercise strengthens the body muscles. Do different types of exercises. Do stretches and yoga regularly. Yoga is very effective to keep once physically balance and strong.

General posture

Carry the weight

Avoid carrying heavy loads. As they can injure the backbone. Holding heavy loads that are usual, leads to big problems. If one has to do suck task, keep the heavy object near your chest.


By following above methods, one can have a good body posture.

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