How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last? Signs And Symptoms

In today’s time and age, living standards are rising; simultaneously the mindset of people is also getting broader and wiser.

With this rise in living standards we should make it a point that we don’t need to shy away from the personal problems that women generally face, instead we should be practical enough to handle such situations appropriately.

One such very personal issue that some women face is implantation bleeding, let’s find out how long does implantation bleeding last how it is different from periods.

What is implantation bleeding and how long does implantation bleeding lastSince a majority of women experience the phenomena of implantation bleeding, therefore it is extremely important for women to have a clear understanding about this concept, as ignoring such health problems or getting alarmed by its occurrence, isn’t a solution.

Instead it would worsen the conditions and may end up in bringing about further complexities.

What is implantation bleeding and how long does implantation bleeding last?

How long does implantation bleeding last 1

When a female ova is fertilized by a sperm, the fertilized egg so formed travels through the fallopian tube and later gets attached to the lining inside the woman’s uterus.

Just after 6-12 days of its connection with the inner lining, the woman starts experiencing cramps, with a little bit of blood in her urine.

This is a result of Implantation which is normal at the inception of pregnancy or usually 2-7 days before periods.


How long does implantation bleeding last for during pregnancy:

How long does implantation bleeding last

It is not necessary for every woman to experience it.

Even after multiple pregnancies it is not mandatory for a woman to experience it every time.

There is nothing to fear about, even the most observant woman regarding her periods might end up failing to understand the symptoms of implantation bleeding during her first pregnancy.


How long does implantation bleeding last for?

How long does implantation bleeding last for during pregnancy

The time for implantation bleeding isn’t the same for everyone.

Since the timings and occurrence of this phenomenon varies therefore a lot of people are often n a state of confusion about how long does implantation bleeding last.

The process of discharge of blood from the vagina isn’t an instant one. Firstly the blood will break through the cervix and will gradually enter the vagina slowly.

Gradually the blood will make its way out and you will notice it either in your panties or your toilets.

The maximum days for spotting is supposed to be two days, however some women have the tendencies of clearing it out with a couple of hours, while some may continue spotting for hours.

Implantation bleeding which happens for about two days is considered to be a healthy sign of pregnancy, while the bleeding which is heavy, and last for more than two days is not considered to be a healthy one.

Is it periods or implantation bleeding?

How long does implantation bleeding last - period or implantaion?

In most of the cases it is difficult to detect weather the blood which is the beginning of the menstrual cycle, or it is a result of a fertilized egg beneath.

In order to clear your doubts, you need to first of all track your menstrual cycle, and that is how you can detect the actual reason behind the bleeding.

If the bleeding happens to be around your date of periods, chances are of the initiation of you periods. And if, you had an intercourse with your partner, and still there is time for your periods to happen, it is possible for the initiation of your pregnancy, with some possible signs of blood and mild cramps.

But if you are still in a confusion, and don’t have the patience to wait till your periods comes close, it would be advisable for you to take a pregnancy test, or consult a doctor.


Things to remember:

In case if the implantation blood exists for more than two days it is mandatory to consult a doctor, especially in cases when the woman experiences cramps, and the amount of blood being discharged is not normal, don’t waste time figuring out what it is rather consult a doctor as soon as possible.

So that if pregnancy is detected then the woman can switch to a healthy diet recommended during pregnancies so that the rest of her months are managed in a healthy manner.

Hope we were able to clear all your doubts about how long does implantation bleeding last, we hope you take care of yourself and before you get panicked by any unusual activity in the body, remember to stay calm and follow a healthy regime.

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