Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Choosing a career-path in India is not much difficult as most of them prefer to be a doctor or an engineer. Very few people aspire to get into other fields of profession and fewer aspire to be something out of the box. But going within a flock of sheep don’t give much growth, rather picking a professional path that is non-traditional and has a huge scope to grow is a smarter move.

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Top Highest Paying Jobs in India

List of Highest Paying Jobs in India

1. Pilot

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India-Aviation

For a career opportunity in the aviation field, one needs to acquire a best pilot training course after completing 12th. The profession of pilots is one of the most highest paying jobs in India. In India, the pilots are paid extremely well with an entry-level annual salary of Rs.18,00,000  depending upon the number of flight hours. By mid-career, the annual salary increases to Rs.36,00,000 and end up yielding Rs.60,00,000 with years of experience.

2. Space Scientist

Space Scientist

A science geek interested in scientific innovations may land up in a profession that is interesting as well as brings home a huge paycheck. With a post-doctorate or a doctorate in the science field one may enter into the profession of a space scientist. An average space scientist at ISRO earns up to Rs.9, 60,000 annually in the beginning and Rs.36,00,000 by mid-career.

3. Medical Professionals

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India-Medical Professionals

This is a profession that ensures a steady growth in the career with a proportionate increase in the salary. Medical field offers a number of professional opportunities as generalist, specialists, surgeons etc. None of the economic complexities bring out any sort of negative influence on the field.  On an average a General practice medical professional is paid Rs 4,80,000 p.a., a General Surgeon is paid Rs 8,10,000, and a Medical doctor is paid Rs 17,00,000.

4. IT and Software Engineers

Highest Paying Jobs in India-IT & Software Engineers


Another highest paying job in India is from the rapidly growing IT sector. The professionals of this sector design implement and manage the system. The skill set of this profession includes excellence in computer language. The entry-level annual salary is Rs 3,50,000 that may increase up to Rs 8,30,000 in mid-career and up to Rs 15,50,000 with experience.

5. Management professionals

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India-Management

Currently, trade, commerce, and industrial sectors are booming. Whatever may be the core activity of an organization, the management professionals are the heart and soul it. The board of management manages the all-around task of the entire organization. Right from the entry level, a lot of hard work is involved. The scope of growth in the profession of management is also comparatively high. Management Professionals of top levels demand large amounts of money as they contribute a lot to their profession. At an entry level,the annual salary is Rs. 3,00,000 and it may rise up to Rs 25,00,000 in the mid-career and to Rs 80,00,000 when they reach the key position.

6. Investment Bankers

Investment budget local government

Another highest paying profession in India is that of an Investment banker who offers financial advice to the firms and raises capital. They deal exclusively with the financial matters of an organization. With an entry-level annual income of Rs 12,00,000, the salary of an Investment banker rises up to Rs 30,00,000 in the mid-career, and to more than Rs 50,00,000+ with years of experience.

7. Chartered Accountants

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in India-Chartered Accountants

It is the most respected and one of the highest paying jobs in India. Every business organization needs Chartered Accountants to draw their annual balances. So the CA’s hold a good command over the accounts and the Business. Their profession needs them to be extraordinarily well-groomed.  One has to go through an extremely challenging examination that has a very low pass percentage throughout the country. This is the reason why CA’s are preferred even if they demand a lump-sum. The entry-level annual income is Rs 5,50,000 rising up to Rs 12,80,000 by mid-career and Rs 25,70,000 with experience.

8. Law professionals

Highest paying jobs in india

The profession of a lawyer is also one of the most highest paying jobs in India. It requires the highest level of education, communicative skills, patience, and sharpness to excel in the profession. A very high package is demanded by some top-notch lawyers even for a single argument. The average annual salary of a Corporate lawyer is Rs. 6, 10,000 and a Senior attorney is Rs. 9,50,000. The growth depends on the excellence of each individual.

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