Fun and Interesting Facts About The Country of Bolivia

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In the deep center forests in South America, people can find there the beautiful country of Bolivia. If you have the chance to visit the country, then you can experience the rich culture and see its unique landmarks. For someone who hasn’t been there, you only know its name, and there are fascinating and exciting facts you should learn about the beautiful country. Learn all about Bolivia and its facts that make this country great. Besides the list, you can always learn more and check out some bolivia facts.

Lake Titicaca is The World’s Highest Lake That People Can Navigate

Lake Titicaca is the highest lake in the world that can be navigated by large vessels. It’s lying at 3,810 meters above the sea level at South America’s Andres Mountains. The lake also astride between the border of Peru in the west, Bolivia in the east. Lake Titicaca is also South America’s 2nd largest lake after Maracaibo. It covers 8,300 square kilometers or 3,200 square miles that is extended in the northwest to southeast direction distancing at 190 kilometers.

It is also 50 miles across at the widest point. The narrow strait and Tiquina is what separates its lake to two water bodies. The small southeast lake is called Huiñaymarca in the country of Bolivia; In Peru, it’s Lake Pequeño.

The Population of Bolivia is Divided into Three Primary Group

Those people are the mestizos, the indigenous, or individuals with mixed race, and there are also Europeans, mainly the Spanish. People in Bolivia are called Bolivians. Their connection might be cultural, historical, legal, or residential. For most of their citizens, the links are present, and the source of them being Bolivians. The country has a multilingual and multiethnic society, the place for people with different national origins, religions, and ethnicities

Because of that, Bolivian nationality is not equated to their ethnicity, but through allegiance and citizenship to Bolivia. Besides their indigenous populations, they trace their origins from Old World, mainly Africa and Europe.

Every Color in Bolivia’s Flag Have Meaning

Every flag in the world always has meaning to it. With the Bolivian flag, the red represents bloodshed from Bolivian’s fight for freedom. The yellow symbolizes the mineral and wealth deposits of the country. Meanwhile, the color green represents the environment and agricultural status of Bolivia. Way back in 1825, several days after they proclaimed their independence from the Spaniards, Bolivia raised their first and national flag. It contains green and red stripes with a yellow color start on its red, bordered by a color green wreath.


There are a lot of places in the world that people want to visit and one of them is Bolivia. The country is beautiful because of its attraction and its culture. While Bolivia is rich in culture, the people that live there are different mixed races because of their allegiance and citizenship in the country. People can also visit its beautiful landmarks, and there are more things that you need to know about Bolivia.

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