Why It Is So Important to Have Flea and Tick Control for Your Yard?

Ticks are some of the worst pests you could have in your home. They are parasitic pest come in a wide range of sizes, species, and shapes. Ticks are commonly found on tall grass blades waiting for warm-blooded hosts to pass by so that they can latch on to them. They latch on by burrowing their heads into their hosts then they start to feed on your blood. On the other hand, Flea and Tick Your Yard are common insects, usually brownish-black and wingless.

Like ticks, fleas feed on warm blood from any warm-blooded creature like pets and human beings. Unlike ticks, they do not burrow. Instead, they bite their hosts. Their bite causes red welts that are usually itchy.

Importance of flea and tick control on your yard

As mentioned earlier, ticks and flees do not dwell in your house. They live in the grass in your yard, waiting for you or your pets so that they can bite or latch on to you. Therefore, common household pest control cannot do the trick. For this reason, it is essential to practice pest control in your yard. There are several other benefits of this type of pest control in your yard. They are;

1. It helps control the spread of diseases

Bites from fleas and ticks can cause various diseases. Ticks cause the spread of Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a terrible disease characterized by severe headaches and neck stiffness, rashes all over your body, arthritis with severe swelling around the knees, and severe joint pains. Lyme disease also causes loss of muscle tone, heart palpitation, and irregular heartbeats. From the symptoms mentioned above, you can tell that Lyme disease is nothing to take lightly. Therefore, pest control is crucial.

On the other hand, flea bites cause itchy-red bumps that can be severely irritating and painful. Some people also suffer allergic reactions from flea bites. Therefore, pest control for ticks and fleas would be very beneficial to your health.

Note that fleas and ticks are not only dangerous to your health but that of your pets too. In pets, fleas and ticks cause Ehrlichia, fever, and tick paralysis. Ticks also trigger itching and allergic reactions in pets.

2. It can help prevent a flea and tick infestation in your house

Fleas and ticks start on your yard until they find a warm-blooded host that they can latch on to. When this happens, they gain access to your house, where they lay eggs, reproduce and skip from one host to the next. Once they get into your home, it will be challenging to get rid of them, and your entire household will be in danger. Sometimes they do not have to burrow in your skin or your pets to get inside your house. They can hitch rides on your fur and clothes. Note that when ticks and flees lay eggs in your home, it can result in a severe infestation, which will result in a lot of stress.

3. It helps keep your pets safe

As mentioned earlier, ticks and fleas find hosts in any warm-blooded creature. This is why you will find that these pests get into your home through your pets most of the time. By practicing flea and tick control in your yard, you can keep your pets safe from tick bites. You will also prevent them from becoming their hosts. This will help keep your dog safe from the discomfort of the bites and the resulting health dangers. With fleas and ticks roaming around in your yard, your pets are also at risk of picking up tapeworms that could result in terrible side effects both physically and health-wise.

4. It is cheaper

Preventing fleas and ticks when they are on your lawn and before they get into your home is cheaper than handling an infestation. This means you do not have to spend as much money as you would have to if your house suffered a flea and tick infestation.

How to keep fleas and ticks from thriving on your lawn

You can keep fleas and ticks from thriving around your house by clearing all tall grass, removing leaf litter, mow frequently, remove old furniture and trash so that the fleas and ticks do not have a place to hide. If you already have ticks and fleas dwelling in your yard, you may want to consider tick yard treatment.


If you are looking to permanently eliminate pests like ticks and fleas from your yard, it will help if you employed pest control services. Hiring a pest control company will help you find the solution to the problem before it worsens.

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