Facts Related to Education in Different Countries

Worldwide, we have so many nations, which have customs and beliefs that differ from one another. Similarly, there is also a difference in studies. All the countries have their education system based on facts, natural and logical truths. Although, some of the events are very surprising that need more research about them. 

These facts give us a reason to find their existence. Worldwide, habits, mentality, and traditions differ from each nation. Customs of specific a country enable us to know the origin of something.

You will have to use more effort and time for you to research more on different cultures in the world. As much as you need to conduct your research on different cultures, you can as for CV help online where you will get quality assistance from our writers. However, we will talk about how these twelve states achieve the teaching process.

12 Amazing Facts Concerning Education

Below are some facts about education in different countries. However, these facts might seem to be robust in some of the nations.


Geographically, it significant, but the size of the population is smaller. The schools are hardly seen due to isolated places in some in this state. Many students do not attend classes in school because the schools are located at a very far distance. However, students who cannot manage to be in class listen to special broadcasts on the radio where they get to learn.


It has a high population density. Due to this high population, many big schools were built for them to save some territories. It also has the world’s largest school, known as the City Montessori School that consists of thirty-two thousand students.


Education in china is taken severe, and children have no time to play around since most of the time they spend on studies. Many assignments are handed over to the students to avoid idleness. Besides, children only spend weekends at their homes, but the rest of the days they live in schools.


The education system is different in terms of the learning duration. The duration of schooling is longer.


Lunchtime is considered a significant time where you should spend with your family. Therefore, during lunch break, students are supposed to go to their respective homes to have lunch meal together with their relatives. After they are having their lunch, they cannot stress themselves going for their classes until the following day when classes begin at seven.


The maximum age for a child to begin schooling is four years. To some states, four years is a younger age for a child to go to school. We do not know the real reason behind that.


You may wonder why students learn inside boats, but these are not only simple boats but also are a fully equipped school with all learning facilities. Bangladesh receives high rainfall, which causes floods; hence, the students have to learn in these vessels.


Weather conditions experienced in Iceland are very harsh. Every person in that state requires having a heavy cloth that will keep him or her home for the icy terms. As a result, everyone is supposed to know how to knit a sweater. In their education system, we also have a lesson called knitting that is learned by all the students.


The education system in Japan is very different, and we yet do not the reason why schooling begins in April. During the summer times, the children get to enjoy more on their vacation holidays.


Due to the changing climatic conditions, the academic year is divided to ensure the smooth learning of the students. Half of December to March the students go for summer vacations. The academic year splits disconnected because of the changing of winter and summer times. These climatic conditions may be a bit challenging and confusing to the students.

Each tradition is unique, but some of them might be very surprising. In a few countries, the customs and beliefs are viewed as characters that they cannot live without them. All the states have different truths concerning education, which are surprising to hear. For now, we have only collected the effects of schooling on just a few countries, but we will talk more next time on other countries.

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