Completely Off Beam And Funny Test Answers

Every so often, kids in all their innocence say the funniest things. As naive as their answers are, they are just as amusing and border line brilliant! They deserve some credit though, because even if, technically their answers are off beam, however in their own unique way these answers are also somewhat correct. So should they be punished for giving such answers or perhaps the questions should have been more specific? Let’s debate on this in the comments at the end!

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We are all familiar with the plummeting feeling that appears with a test paper and we realize that we don’t know the answers. These completely off beam and funny test answers reveal some of the cheekiest, most imaginative and out-and-out hilarious incorrect answers given by oblivious students.

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  1. This is a HUGE risk!Funny Test Anwers-1
  1. No matter how you look at this, hands-down the kid is right.Funny Test Anwers-2
  1. That’s a Mini Bolshevik in makingFunny Test Anwers-3
  1. His dad won’t play with him, but he’ll still visit his grave!Funny Test Anwers-4
  1. He has no clue, and he’s proud!Funny Test Anwers-5
  1. This is probably not the answer the teacher was looking for.Funny Test Anwers-6
  1. Abraham Lincoln can learn from this guy!Funny Test Anwers-7
  1. This child practically hit the nail on the head.Funny Test Anwers-8
  1. National Spelling Bee championFunny Test Anwers-9
  1. He probably understood the question better than the all of us.Funny Test Anwers-10
  1. Take the centi out!Funny Test Anwers-11
  1. Strength of loveFunny Test Anwers-12
  1. The elephant is in the way!Funny Test Anwers-13
  1. Anatomy of a plant prison.Funny Test Anwers-14
  1. Full marks for creativity.Funny Test Anwers-15

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