Carpet Steam Cleaning: What is it?

Carpets are attractive additions to any interior decorations. It provides an added flair to any room, as well as increases the cosiness indoors. Aside from these benefits, carpets also help improve indoor air quality and prevent the prevalence of allergies. 

Based on a study, carpets can trap airborne allergens and other particles. As a result, the particles that escape in the air will be reduced. However, regular carpet cleaning is crucial for every household. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most common choices by most homes nowadays. 

However, homeowners do not understand what steam cleaning can do for their carpets. Here is the essential information that every homeowner needs to know before they call a reputable company to book their next carpet cleaning session. 

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning

It is a water-based method that uses detergent-powered steam to clean the carpet. Also called the hot water extraction, this carpet cleaning procedure provides a deeper clean compared to the usual vacuuming and sweeping for dust particles. It has a high demand from homeowners who need to extract deep-seated dirt within the fibres of the carpet.  

What Is The Method Used In Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Professional cleaners use evaporated water to remove the dirt from the carpeted floors. The steam coming from the water gets dispersed in the air after getting heated to a particular temperature. It is expelled using a machine that appears like regular vacuum cleaners. Once the steam seeps into the fibre, it will dissolve the dirt, resulting in thorough cleaning. After dismantling the dirt, the machine used will finally collect the dust and other impurities from the carpet. 

Because of this method, carpets will remain in its pristine condition. It means that the fibres will not discolour after the cleaning. However, the cleaners must be meticulous during the process to get rid of as much dirt as possible. They should also do everything to remove the water used during the cleaning process since it can cause mould, mildews, and other unwanted smells. 

What Happens During Carpet Steam Cleaning Sessions? 

Before the experts start their cleaning sessions, the homeowners must make sure that there is no clutter on the floor. They must also remove all the small furnishings from the area. The cleaners will then put aluminium foil under the legs of large furniture that must remain inside the room. 

During the cleaning proper, the experts will start vacuuming the floor in different directions. They need to vacuum the carpet vertically and horizontally to ensure that all sides of the fibres are properly cleaned. 

Carpet steam cleaning sessions must be part of the regular home maintenance of every household. As much as possible, carpets must undergo steam cleaning once a year. It would be best for the homeowner to book the professional service in late spring since the weather is warm so they can leave the windows open to speed up drying. 

But for homes with kids or pets, it would be ideal to schedule a carpet cleaning service once every four months. It will protect everyone in the family from possible allergies and other illnesses. However, it is crucial to get in touch with a trustworthy company that offers this type of carpet cleaning treatment to ensure that the valuable carpets remain in their top form even after the cleaning session.

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