Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period? Chances & Myths

It’s a myth that people have that having unprotected sex with women will not make them pregnant. To shun the myth barrier, it is utterly a misconception that if being a woman you are having unprotected sex, you will not be getting pregnant. Until and unless you are taking birth control pill or any other protection, there is still 95 percent chance of you getting becoming pregnant. Intaking of the pills or the contraception are helping in the prevention of having ovulation.

can you get pregnant on your period

Women are always in confusion that whether can you get pregnant on your periods? The possibilities of getting pregnant while on your period are low, but the probabilities are there. Whether they can enjoy sex during their periods without having any fear of getting pregnant? These are some of the common questions a woman has in her brain.

So Hi Beautiful ladies… today will talk about these questions in details along with their reasons. I hope after going through this post you will get clear answers for your questions as well as other important precautions you are supposed to take. So let us precede our journey of this article.

What is Period?

First let me brief you about Period. It is also known as menstrual cycle. Period is basically the blood loss that happens at the end of every menstrual cycle, as a result of an egg not being fertilized by a sperm. Most women’s period does last from 3 days to 10 days and it repeats itself after 29 to 34 days. Everything 14th day of the cycle woman releases egg. Prior 14th day hormones prepares the lining of uterus, in case pregnancy occurs. Near about 14th day you are most likely to conceive. After 14th day if the pregnancy does not happen than it is this lining of uterus which will convert into your period.

What Happens During Period?

A period is basically defined to be blood loss in a woman’s body for a time period of 5 to 8 days every month. This occurs as the proceedings of the ovulatory cycle where it gets clearly defined that the egg inside the woman’s body has not got fertilized through the sperm of a man.

The formation of the egg in a woman’s body gets build up every 14 days. Post to the release of the egg, the women’s body faces an increase in the formulation of hormones. During this process, the uterus tends to get the thick lining. So if fertilization occurs in the egg, the lining of the uterus gets more thickened. But if it gets sloughed off every 14 days, you are on the journey to your period days.

Now the period of the entire proceeding to occur in the uterus of a woman’s body gets in from 26 to 34 days.

Where Lies The Demarcation Of Getting Pregnant?

  • The ability and power of the sperm of a man cannot be underestimated. Sperm has the potentiality to be alive inside the woman’s body for more than a day and can last up to five long days.
  • Before blending itself with the egg and getting implanted in the uterine wall, studies have showcased that, women go through messed up period cycles which are fussy.
  • Now, there might be chances that if you had unprotected sex during your period and just within numbered days, you have started to ovulate, stand for a bigger chance of you becoming pregnant.
  • The time period between the ovulation and period being close to each other marks as a positive sign for you to get pregnant. Thus, it is always better to opt for the policy of “prevention is better than cure”.
  • There are signs where certain women might experience a breakthrough during their periodic cycle. This cause is known to be as ovulation bleeding.
  • So, the main redlining to the entire factor is that, until and unless you want to get pregnant, it is always better to have protected sex.

Why There Are Chances Of Getting Pregnant During Periods?

Most often people think that if a girl having sex during her period has no chances of getting pregnant. But ladies I have a sad news for you. There are chances of conceiving during your periods as well. There are various reasons behind it. I will jot down few.

  • Some girls bleed during their ovulation as well. During their most fertilized days of cycle a little bleeding can happen. But it should not be mistaken as periods. So all bleeding are not indication of periods.
  • Occurrence of ovulation: Every woman undergoes a different cycle. For some women ovulation happens before their period stops and over some it happens just after their period stops and for some it is accurate. So it is really difficult for a girl to find out when they are most fertilized. Sperm can fertilize an egg till 72 hours of its ejaculation. So it is quite risky to have unprotected sex even during your period.

How Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

  • You can take ovulation in mistaken for period. There is a possibility and have been occurrences that when you tend to be fertilized, you still bleed.
  • Vagital bleeding can easily be confused for that of day one of the menstrual days. During the periodic days, having unprotected days gives high chances of you getting pregnant during your period.
  • As stated earlier, normally women have the menstrual cycle between the periods of 28 to 34 days. So that means, if you have sex during your menstrual days, you will not be ovulating for a long time.
  • On the other hand, if women who have shorter periodic cycle will have a close connection to ovulation and the menstrual cycle.
  • Studies have stated that during period days, the sperm of a man is alive still 72 hours which exists after ejaculation. When you are during the end days of your menstrual cycle, the chances of you getting pregnant becomes too high.

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

  • There is a long-term debate regarding the factor of whether a woman can get pregnant during her period or not. Coming to answer the question, there comes the tie.
  • The main focus on the factor is that you need to keep in mind or rather understand the concept that you will not get pregnant on your period when you have sex during your menstrual days.
  • There are famous books as well as gynecologists who have states that having sex during period tends to reduce the pain that women go through. Though the entire concept of having sex during that period is quite messy and very less convincing.
  • Another most heated up factor that lies here than, the gap between your ovulation days is less making you conceive during this period.
  • As mentioned in the first point, there is always a tie when it comes to answering this question. Thus, there are exceptions.
  • Women who have shorter cycles might have a close blend of the ovulation time. This means that if you are having your cycle within 20 or 21 days, there are chances that you ovulation tends to be on the earlier phase.
  • Sperm has the capacity to stay alive in a woman’s body for more than 3 to maximum 5 days. If you are having sex when you are almost at the end of your periodic cycle, there are chances of you getting pregnant.
  • When it comes to probabilities and possibilities, the latter gets thumbs up and a warning red signal.

Can You Get Pregnant Right After Your Period?

  • Without any doubt, yes you can get pregnant right after your period.
  • Once you are getting over with your period days, you are again entering the cycle of the fertility days.
  • On the normal scale cycle which continues between 21 to 30 days, the momentum of the fertility window occurs between day 11 and day 21.
    So that concludes that if you are having sex after your period or during the end days of your period you are getting zoned towards the fertility window.
  • Now there might be another possibility. If you are bleeding till day 5 and then you end up having sex on day 6 and the ovulation starts on day 11, the possibility of the sperm to enter into the fallopian tubes increases. That means there are chances of you to become pregnant.
  • Right from the moment you stop bleeding, the chances of getting pregnant becomes high. If you are willing to get pregnant, do not wait, this is the best time to conceive without any hassle.
  • For the couples who are looking forward to becoming parents, chances of becoming pregnant get higher when you tend to have sex every other day for the rest of the coming 14 days.

Can You Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period?

So since long we have been discussing about “can you get pregnant on your period” but women also search about “can they get pregnant just before your period”. So let us discuss about this. So what do you think about it?? I know I know your answer is off course not. Logically if we will think about it then off course the answer is no as in order to get pregnant there must a viable egg waiting to be fertilized and as ovulation had happened before two weeks, so there are very bleak chances for the same. But to your shock ladies it all depends on your ovulation time.

can you get pregnant on your period

Some women ovulate quite late in your cycle that is just before starting of their new period then they are quite high chances of getting pregnant if this case. Another case which can be considered in case a women ovulated many a times during her menstrual cycle then also there are high chances of getting pregnant before period. So ladies it all depends on your cycle and your timings of ovulation and how many times you ovulate in a cycle.

  • The chance of getting pregnant before the period is comparatively low.
  • For women who have normal cycles that between 28 to 31 days, it is completely safe for them and there are fewer chances of them getting pregnant.
  • Thus, it is pretty safe to conclude on this point that the ovulation might begin between day 11 and day 21. For the conception, the egg is only securable for nearly 12 to 24 hours.
  • That means before the days of your period, you can be safe enough to have sex and not get pregnant.
  • Theoretically, the numbers of days you have sex before you periods move up in longer cycles and on the other hand, it lessens with shorter cycles.

What is the important thing to note here?

  • If you are aware of your ovulation period, you wait for 48 more hours, the possibilities of getting pregnant are nil.
  • The further you move away from your ovulation period, the less likely you are going to become pregnant.
  • So couples if you are willing to become pregnant, it is advisable not to have sex during this time.

What Are The Myths Involved Related To Pregnancy And Periods?         

There are various myths related to pregnancy during periods. So I will tell you certain facts which will help you in sorting out with your doubts.

  • It is fairly possible to get pregnant even at the first time of unprotected sex.
  • It is quite possible to get pregnant even during your periods. It all depends on your ovulation cycle. If you have a short cycle then you are fertile just after your period. Also it all depends on the lifespan of a sperm. If you have very short cycle you will be ovulation during your period itself and hence can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during that time.
  • Another myth woman have is about 14th day rule. There is no hard and fast rule of high chances of getting pregnant during 14th day of cycle. It all depends on the length of woman’s cycle. Say if your cycle is small for illustration of 20 days then you can ovulate before 14th day and suppose f your cycle is long say for 36 days then you will ovulate on 21st So you are more fertilizing at the day you ovulate. 14th day rule true holds true for woman who has exact cycle of 28 days. It all varies from cycle to cycle and woman to woman.
  • Some women have a misconception that they can conceive only within 2 days per cycle. But that’s not true. Fertile days generally last for 6-7 days. That’s true that you are most fertilize at the day you ovulate and a day before but this period lasts for 6-7 days. Plus sperm can survive from 4-5 days so it increases the chances of getting pregnant even after few days of ovulation.

pregnancy calculator

Precautions For Couples Who Don’t Want To Get Pregnant

  • If you are willing to get pregnant and your menstrual cycle is less than 28 days. There are high chances of you to conceive.
  • But if you have normal ovulation period and trying to become pregnant, it is not going to work for you.
  • If you are not willing to become pregnant, protected sex is a must. Using contraception like Condom is very important.
  • In case you haven’t been using condoms, intake of birth control pills would do the work for you. But keep in mind that too much of the birth control pills might lead to harmful effects on the body.


As per statistical data, the ovulation period of a woman might vary. There are certain possibilities or rather exceptional cases where you might get pregnant during your period. Mostly, getting pregnant is less likely to occur before the period but has high chances after having periods.

So, if you are willing to become parents and trying hard to conceive, it is rather better to consult a doctor or fertility experts to know things in details.

So Ladies this was all about pregnancy and period and its different area. Hope I have solved your query. Take care and happy Reading!!

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