6 Benefits of Banana Peel for Skin

While banana is a protein rich food and benefits, according to several studies, its shell has almost the same goods and is perfect to combat various skin problems.

The interesting thing about them is that the banana peel can be used too, so the next time you eat a banana, it is advisable not to drop the peel as you can use it for some of the following 6 purposes:

Benefits of Banana Peel

The pulp of the banana peel is rich in many nutrients and carbohydrates. The flesh of the inner part of the shell, is high in potassium and vitamins B6, B-12 and magnesium. Its sugar content is higher when the banana peel turns black. Know below what may be some of its multiple uses for skin health.
Benefits of Banana Peel


  1. Used to get rid of Warts

Banana peel is one of the effective home remedies to remove the warts:

  • Take a bandage and a piece of banana peel.
  • Apply banana peel over the wart and cover it with a bandage
  • Keep it well at night and repeat the procedure several nights and the wart will simply disappear.

banana peel for warts

  1. To eliminate Wrinkles and Acne

For those who suffer from acne, it is best to use a banana skin to scrub the face every night before going to sleep. The next day you should eliminate the rest that is left with warm water and you will see how the effects are noticed in a few days.

If you have acne problems, this remedy may be useful and economical. Scrape the inner part of the banana peel, and with your fingers, apply it on your clean skin as if it were a cream, without making a strong pressure, let it act for 15 minutes and rinse, repeat daily, you will notice a decrease in Buds and a better look of your skin.
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  1. Used to Whiten Teeth

Rubbing your teeth with the inner part of the banana peel can be very effective to make your teeth whiter.

Thanks to its composition the banana peel can help to whiten your teeth naturally, you just need to rub your teeth with banana peel at night. The procedure may be slow, but with due record you will notice improvement. It is recommended to apply for one month.

  1. For Insect Bites

Apply a piece of banana peel over the bite and feel the relief immediately. This is an ancient home remedy to treat stings produced by mosquitoes and other insects as well.

Banana peel can help relieve the itching or pain of a non-poisonous insect bite. All you have to do is rub the area of ​​the bite and around it with a piece of peel of Banana on the inside because it contains natural antihistamines that help reduce the reaction that these bites have on our body.

  1. To get rid of the symptoms of Psoriasis

Banana peel soothes itchy skin, this has properties that help with hydration and also reduces the itching. It can help to heal soon the problems caused in the skin by the psoriasis and the Results may be visible in a very short time.

  1. Decreases skin irritation

If you have skin irritation it is advisable to rub the area with banana peel, wait 10 to 15 minutes and the symptoms will disappear.

How to enjoy the Properties of Bananas for the Skin?

There are two ways to enjoy the benefits of banana skin. For example, in case we want to apply it in our skin, an interesting option is to make a banana facial mask.

It will help us to relax our skin, as long as it is applied for 15 minutes.

Another option is to apply it as a plaster in the hair, being useful in case of dry and brittle hairs.

Face Mask

With the banana peel we can prepare a mask for the face. Thanks to its enzymes our skin will look much healthier. First wash your face with soap and water. It crushes the skin of the banana and is applied over the face when. Leave it to dry (a half hour or so) and dry once rinsed with warm water.

Among its effects on the face we will see how much more moisturized it is, as it helps to fight acne (and release the skin from impurities) and the effect on wrinkles as it both attenuates and prevents them from appearing new.

Some More Important Tips:

  • Use the fresh banana peel to get the best results.
  • The banana should be stored in a cool, dry place. For greater conservation it is advisable to keep it away from heat or sunlight.
  • It is not advisable to keep the banana unpeeled for a long time. Consume immediately after the peel has been removed. The skin should be used immediately.
  • It is not recommended to keep the banana peel in a refrigerator.
  • Avoid throwing banana peels in the streets or public places, this is something we all know but it is not recommended to not throw in the street, beyond that they are profitable for health, in addition, with these leftovers you can perform Compost and enrich the land for the garden.

Final Words

Although the banana has always been surrounded by the myth that it is very fat, the truth is that it is a misconception. Why? Primarily because it is rich in potassium , a mineral that in addition to being useful in controlling blood pressure, helps to mobilize and eliminate fats while our body purifies naturally.

We should not forget on this occasion that it is also a food especially rich in magnesium, phosphorus and folic acid, in addition to vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Applied as a face mask, it can be useful to relax our skin, while its delicate aroma transports us to a moment of relaxation, ideal – for example – after a stressful day.

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