Looking to Be Less Stressed In The New Year? Try These 5 Simple Ideas

As the old year is winding down and we get closer to a new one, most people are going through their annual routine. After struggling with the pressure of getting through the holidays, folks vow to stress less as a New Year’s resolution. Does that sound like a familiar scenario in your household?

Is it possible to make changes in your life this coming year that can minimize tension? While nobody’s life is stress-free, you can still tweak your lifestyle to enjoy quality time and stop stressing about the small stuff. Here are some thoughtful points for you to consider.

1. Learn To Say “No”

You must learn how to say “No.” Like most people, you probably fell into the pattern of people-pleasing at an early age. To boost your esteem and eliminate guilt, you will agree to help even if you’re already stretched to the limit.

When you’re asked to head the PTA popcorn fundraiser at school, you answer yes without giving it a second thought. Will you cover a coworker’s shift this weekend, although you have plans? It’s no problem. Soon, you have an entire schedule of tasks you despise just because you could not say no. The resentment and time loss only add to your stress.

In 2020, practice saying no to things you don’t want to do. Be protective of your time, and do not be afraid to decline requests politely. Clear unwanted duties from your calendar, and you will have more time to spend with family and friends.

2. Clear the Clutter

Studies have demonstrated links between cluttered environments and stress. To test yourself at home, sit down in a room, and notice how you feel. Do your surroundings make you feel peaceful and serene, or does the clutter make the walls seem like they are closing in around you?

Make it a priority this new year to clear your home of unnecessary clutter. Start by freeing one room at a time, and you must enlist the whole family for help. Donate, recycle, or pitch things you do not use. Surround yourself with only those things you need and love. You will have a clean, organized home that will give you peace instead of tension.

3. Learn to Relax

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing? While you will probably get only one vacation this year, you can take “mini-vacations” anytime you like. Resting your mind for as little as fifteen minutes can lower your blood pressure and stress levels. Consider treating yourself to a cozy recliner to ease the pressure of a long workday. Local stressless recliner dealers can help you find the perfect chair to fit your body and budget. Take some downtime each day to sit, prop up your feet, and let the stress melt away. Some people enjoy listening to soft music to help them unwind. You may also find that bubble baths and gentle yoga can set your mind at ease.

4. Engage Your Brain

Although you need quality sleep to function well and reduce strain, some anxiety can only be relieved through diversion. One of the best ways to redirect your frazzled brain cells is to enjoy a hobby. If you do not have a hobby, consider trying one this year.

Do you want to learn to paint, sing, or write a novel? Why not start today? Take a few classes in your spare time, talk to experienced teachers, or watch online tutorials to engage in something new. While you may never be a master artist or piano virtuoso, you will still discover a valuable and enjoyable skill that may lower your anxiety levels.

5. Make Yourself A Priority

You must be a priority in your life. If you are constantly pouring into others then you will soon run out of steam. Your family needs someone that is strong and healthy so that you can take care of them. When you let your needs go, then you soon find you develop all sorts of problems.

These are just a few of the endless ways you can reduce your tension this new year. Make yourself a priority and incorporate some of these ideas into your life. When you minimize stress, you will feel healthier and happier. It is a resolution worth keeping.


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