Aries Personality Traits: Finally, Get to Know Them for Real

Aries are known to have a fiery personality that can be hard to read. Finally learn all about an Aries personality in this post.

The first of the 12 signs, Aries are known for their strength, perseverance, and bold personalities. Ruled by the first house, Aries are passionate individuals who can sometimes clash with others due to their personality quirks.

It’s because of those same quirks that it can sometimes be tough to get an Aries to open up. If you’ve ever wondered about the true Aries personality, be sure to keep reading.

Here are some of the most prominent Aries personality traits



Above all else, Aries are defined by a strong desire to be the best in any and all situations. Even in a low-stakes situation, an Aries strives to be the best of the best and often values winning more than sportsmanship or cooperation.

While this can seem like a negative trait, it can be harnessed for good.

This competitive drive leads to new career opportunities, better chances of leadership, and respect among your peers. Though it’s important to keep that competitive nature in check, Aries should relish their competitive spirit and learn to use it to their advantage.


It doesn’t matter how competitive you are, everyone fails at some point. And when an Aries makes a mistake, they take it personally. Even a small mistake can greatly impact an Aries, sending them in a days-long spiral of frustration or sadness.

As a result, Aries should pay close attention to their mental health, as they tend to bottle up their feelings and blow-up on those closest to them.

But that isn’t enough to keep most Aries down. In fact, many Aries use their mistakes as fuel and find a way to overcome the situation using the lessons learned from prior errors.

When an Aries puts their mind to something, they’re going to get it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how difficult the journey may be. It’s all about the end goal, and rest assured, an Aries will always cross the finish line.


This is the most famous of Aries traits.

Aries aren’t afraid to speak their minds, often to their own detriment. Because of their brash nature and willingness to speak freely and openly, it can sometimes be hard for others, especially Cancers and Libras, to befriend an Aries.

If an Aries has an opinion, rest assured, they’ll make it known, even if it means offending others. That said, their hearts are in the right place, and they often speak from a place of love, not criticism or anger.


When push comes to shove, an Aries knows exactly who they are, and they aren’t afraid to let the world see their true self. Aries are natural born leaders, as they’re extroverted nature draws them to social situations and networking opportunities.

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Aries Personality Traits

Aries strength and determination can be inspiring. But at the same time, it’s important that an Aries watch their tongue, as they may self-sabotage if they’re not careful.

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