5 Tips to Caring for your Ears

Your ears are one of the most important parts of your body. Being one of the sense organs, they play a very important role in ensuring that you can effectively communicate with other people. By taking good care of your ears you prevent future problems which include permanent hearing loss.  Digital rechargeable hearing aids today are have advanced features and can easily provide relief to people who experience hearing loss. The best way is to take action and find the best hearing solution for your needs. Here are 5 tips to care and protect your ears for your hearing health.

Drain Your Ear To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

Listen to low music volumes

When not used the right way, headphones pose a high risk, especially when the volume is more than 60% on a daily basis. Many people, especially teenagers tend to suffer from hearing loss due to exposure to unsafe audio devices like headphones which they use to listen to music. Always listen to music at a volume which is minimal. If you work or are in a place that is normally noisy, keep stepping outside for a few minutes to let your ears rest.

Wear earplugs or earmuffs for extra protection

If you are within a noisy workplace or leisure environment, it is best to protect your ears from all this noise. Noisy environments like clubs, concerts, and equipment that produce noise such as lawnmowers or chainsaws also create dangerous levels of sound. Wear earplugs as a form of protective wear around these places.

Earplugs or earmuffs are convenient to protect you from too much noise. You can buy them from your local hearing healthcare provider or from reputable stores. Buy the listeningstack.com ear plugs which can maintain the quality of the original sound while at the same time reduce harmful sound levels.

Minimize or stop the use of cotton swabs

Wax is important for the ears since it prevents harmful particles as well as stops dust from entering the canal. Most people use cotton swabs to clean the wax out of their ear canal, but they can be dangerous for your ears. By inserting them inside your ear canals, you risk damaging sensitive organs like your eardrum. Inserting buds or tissues in the ear can also damage your eardrum. In case you have excess wax, clean the ear canal gently using a damp piece of cloth.

Maintain dry and clean ears

Excess moisture can be harmful to your ears since it can allow bacteria into the ear canal. Gently dry your ears after bathing, swimming or whenever fluids get into them. For those who are swimmers, it is great to always clean your ears to prevent ear infections which could affect your hearing ability. You can either remove the water by tilting your head to the side and tug lightly on the ear lobe, which coaxes the water out or dry them using a soft piece of cloth.

Get an ear checkup

Attend regular hearing checkups to prevent the development of a long-lasting hearing problem. The best would be to schedule an annual hearing consultation with a hearing healthcare professional. They will help you to easily recognize signs of hearing loss and advice on the best action to treat your hearing problem. The doctor will also help you prevent other health concerns that arise from hearing problems like depression, dementia, and heart disease.

The moment either one or both of your ears is damaged, your hearing capability is completely affected and you may require a hearing aid if the damage is irreversible. Also, exercise and reduce stress to good care of your ears.

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