5 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Invisalign Braces

You may have heard of them and wondered to yourself, “Are the Invisalign braces superior to traditional braces?”

Invisible braces have existed since the turn of the century, and the rapid rise of technology has not only made them popular, but it has also improved their usefulness in straightening out crooked teeth.

Originally designed to allow celebs such as actors and television newscasters to appear on- screen during orthodontic treatment, the devices have evolved into today’s most sought after pediatric and adult orthodontics.

One of these types of invisible braces is the leading brand, Invisalign, which is fast becoming a household name brand.

The popularity of Invisalign has been growing steadily for the last years, but a professional must be the one to apply it. For example, if you search for an Invisalign Winnipeg based specialist, you will find excellent options that can adjust your needs without problems.

Invisalign Braces

If you’ve ever considered orthodontia, perhaps you’ve been held back. Why? Fear of the discomfort of braces. Thinking you’ll be embarrassed to smile with metal braces. With Invisalign, that fear becomes a thought of the past.

We reached out to Dr Holly Gregory, an orthodontist specializing in Invisalign in Humble TX. According to Dr. Gregory, here are five reasons why you’ll be impressed with Invisalign braces.

5 Reasons Why Orthodontic Patients Today Opt for Invisalign Over Traditional Metal Braces


1 – Custom Fit Orthodontics Increases Efficiency

In the seemingly endless battle between Invisalign braces versus conventional metal orthodontic appliances, an obvious unresolved problem is the fit of braces.

Invisalign cleverly addresses this very issue by taking orthodontic treatment to a whole new level.

These transparent orthodontic appliances are specific fit to the patient, which are first scanned using modern intraoral scanners to obtain a 3d model of their teeth.The 3d rendering is then used to mold custom orthodontic appliances designed especially for the patient’s needs.

The practitioner then assesses the 3d software models so they can make treatment decisions based on the data collected.The software is then used to print custom orthodontia for the patient.

Controlling the entire process from software modeling to printing means every patient get the precise orthodontia for their situation.

This custom-fit approach is the single most effective treatment approach that orthodontic appliances can take.

2 – You Can Still Play Sports

With Invisalign orthodontic appliances, the patient’s lifestyle remains unchanged. Patients can continue to exercise and participate in other challenging activities without the risk of injury and bruising of the inner cheeks and mouth.

First, the liners fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth and have no sharp edges. Bumps to the face do not exert excessive pressure between the braces and cheeks at any given time.The software used to model the patient’s teeth is a virtual model software developed by Invisalign and used by professionals who are specially trained to navigate it.

Second, the orthodontic trays are removable. This fact enables those who still lack confidence in the ability of Invisalign to withstand the force of sports to remove them for competition and reinsert post-game.

3 – Improved Hygiene Throughout the Treatment Period

Wearing braces for long periods poses a hygiene problem, which can lead to additional dental complications if not detected early and dealt with immediately.

The need to clean around the wires of metal braces is an inevitable need but is often painful due to tender feeling gums.

Fortunately, the Invisalign orthodontic appliances can be easily removed so that patients can brush and floss their teeth. In addition, the patient can thoroughly clean the trays themselves to keep them free of bacteria caused by dental plaque.

4 – Reduced Length of Treatment

Time, it’s often said, is a valuable commodity; once it’s gone—it’s gone!

For several decades, orthodontic treatment via standard braces lasted on average 24 months.However, Invisalign orthodontic appliances, the treatment period has been drastically reduced—by up to 50%!

About once a month, patients visit the orthodontist. The fit of the appliances is reevaluated, and new liners are ordered to meet the demand of the teeth as they shift into place. This approach keeps teeth moving into a better position more efficiently than metal braces did in the past.

5 – Eat What You Want!

Metal braces, by their rigid nature, impose specific food restrictions on patients. These “rules” ensure that patients don’t damage the wires, brackets, or other components of the braces—or cause themselves the dental pain that arises from a broken wire!

Before dining, Invisalign patients just remove their trays and stow them away safely. Post-dinner, they reinsert their liners. Easy!

Final Thoughts on Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces have radically improved orthodontic treatment options. Patients of any age can opt for this treatment program and get a healthy smile.

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