5 Cool D&D Accessories to Help You Take Your Game to the Next Level

You can play D&D without these cool D&D accessories, but why would you want to? Unleash flights of fantasy with these awesome additions to your game play.

Are you starting a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

Stepping into the realm of dragons, demons, druids, elves, and the like takes a creative mind, a curious soul, and cool D&D accessories. Especially if you’re the dungeon master!

Don’t just show up to the table. Roll in like a natural 20 by accessorizing like a pro!

5 Cool D&D Accessories to Level Up Your Game 

Before starting your adventure, gear up. Keep reading to find out 5 awesome D&D accessories you should use to level up your game.

1. Dice

Do not roll up to the table expecting to borrow dice, unless you want to look like a total amateur. Come prepared with a D&D dice set that matches your character’s persona or backstory.

If you play more than one character, then you should carry multiple sets. If you’re the DM, then make sure the dice render your power. Don’t forget to grab a matching satchel or metal case to carry your dice in.

2. Miniatures

Players should possess their unique miniature that matches their character description as closely as possible. To really bring it, paint your own unique mini.

Miniatures are also must have dungeon master accessories. This help brings your world to life. You should keep one to represent every monster and important NPC.

Want to make a master move? Provide magnetic bases for the miniatures to prevent mid-battle accidents. Remember, accidentally knocking one miniature even one square can potentially shift the entire game.

3. Battle Grid

As a DM, the battle grid is another must-have accessory. Players both dread and desire the epic battles to come.

In order to play them out accurately, you need this game accessory. This element puts everybody’s imagination onto the table during the fight while calculating the dungeon shape and size, character placement, player movements, and weapons range.

4. D&D Notebook

The best players know to bring a notebook for the game. But not just any notebook.

Get one that fits the campaign world. A dark underworld might call for a black leather cover embroidered with flames. For a more traditional, medieval world, you may want to find one with a cover that resembles dragon skin or one made of chainmail.

Use this accessory for important D&D stuff like keeping your character sheets, mapping out dungeons, and taking important notes along the way. Later, hardcore gamers can use their notes to create detailed accounts on Epic Words to let others peek in on the adventure and to take character development to a whole new level.

5. Dungeon Master’s Shield

The DM’s space should appear enigmatic to draw your players further into your adventure. Simply throwing up manila folders to hide your secrets will not provide this effect.

Choose a cool shield that makes a statement. Also, ensure it covers enough area to hide your notes, maps, and potential monsters, to keep up the mystery.

Game On!

Look legit and come prepared, especially if you come in less experienced than your fellow gamers. Gear up with these cool D&D accessories for an epic gaming experience.

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