5 Best Aftermarket Parts for Aprilia Shiver 900

The Aprilia Shiver 900 is a bike that exudes confidence, power and style. Some owners seek out this bike because of its inherent beauty, while others look to personalize their ride for individuality and performance.5 Best Aftermarket Parts for Aprilia Shiver 900

Updating or repairing your ride gives you the opportunity to make changes that reflect your personality. Here are five types of aftermarket motorcycle parts that can help your bike make a statement about its rider.

Fuel Efficiency and Horsepower

When updating a motorcycle, there are times when true enthusiasts want to get more than what stock parts offer. Choosing aftermarket engine parts lets you access the true power hidden inside your machine!

Flashy Footrests

Many see footrests and pedals as purely aesthetic choices. However, when you’re on a long ride you want the most comfortable options out there. Choosing footrests that are both stylish and pleasant makes hitting the road even more appealing.


Sometimes stock equipment just doesn’t give you the rear views you need. Make changing lanes safer and checking on your buddies easier with larger mirrors in a variety of shapes that showcase your personal look.


Not everyone is built the same. When you need a more comfortable stance while riding, swapping out the handlebars for a shape that better fits your frame can not only make your ride easier but safer as well.


OEM components don’t give you many options in this regard, so turning to aftermarket exhaust systems lets you really customize the look and sound of your bike.

OEM motorcycle parts have their place for repairs, but when you really want to make your Aprilia Shiver 900 your own, give aftermarket components a try. They open a whole new world of modifications that can increase both the style and performance of your bike.

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