4 Vow Renewal Ideas With VRAI Engagement Rings

Take a moment and think back to all the emotions you felt on your wedding day. The excitement, the happiness, the feeling of floating on cloud nine … remember how it felt to experience so much love and joy in one place? The energy of love you feel on your wedding day is hard to beat – unless, of course, you choose to recreate that day and plan a vow renewal ceremony. 

Whether you’re renewing your vows on a special anniversary (such as your 25th or 50th) or simply want to re-express your lifelong commitment to your person on an average Tuesday, a vow renewal is an exciting opportunity to recreate those good wedding day feelings and re-solidify your commitment to your special person. 

A vow renewal ceremony can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. However, no matter how you decide to plan the ceremony, there’s something special about having a new ring ready for the occasion – and a VRAI engagement ring can be the perfect cherry on top. 

VRAI sets themselves apart from others in the industry by only using lab-grown diamonds, allowing them to achieve a net-zero carbon emission. Through their lab-grown diamonds, they care for the planet and environment more than traditional mined diamonds. 

After you’ve found the ring, how do you know the right way to plan the ceremony itself? Here are a few ideas to help get the creative juices flowing:

Celebrate In The Comfort Of Home

Now that you’ve spent years building a beautiful home with your spouse and potentially even raising children (or just pets!) together, there are so many more memories and special feelings that can influence your vow renewal ceremony. Why not celebrate your love in the place you’ve spent so much time building and nurturing over the past few years? 

First things first – find the perfect VRAI engagement ring to show your person just how much they mean to you and how much you love keeping the excitement and surprises alive in your relationship. You may even choose to go ring shopping together and choose a coordinating set. 

Planning a view renewal at home can save you thousands of dollars, so you can spend more energy finding the perfect decorations, food and special touches to make it a night to remember. 

Choose a Place With Special Meaning

Your vow renewal doesn’t necessarily need to take place in a fancy venue to have deep meaning. In fact, finding  the perfect venue might be as simple as taking a walk down memory lane. Think of the place you had your first date, made your relationship official or even where you got engaged to begin with. Even if it’s a small restaurant, a beautiful park or your favorite local bar, any place can be the most romantic place on earth when you’re celebrating your love. 

If you choose a nice restaurant or bar, you may even be able to hire some of their staff to help you on the big day and offer catering. 

Splurge On a Destination Vow Renewal

A second wedding and a honeymoon all in one? Who wouldn’t love that? Destination vow renewals are a very popular way to recommit yourself to your love in a beautiful place that allows you to recharge and have a fun new experience at the same time. This is an especially exciting idea if you’re planning a vow renewal on a significant anniversary, like your silver or golden wedding anniversary. 

If you’re not sure where to go (or if you have too many places in mind to settle on one), consider a location that holds special significance to the both of you, such as the country where your family roots come from or a city that’s known for something you both love (for example, wine lovers may choose a Napa vow renewal).

Of course, having a destination vow renewal may automatically make your party a bit smaller, so choose your location carefully if you’d like to make it a large party. 

Keep It To Yourselves

As fun as it can be to turn your vow renewal into a huge, exciting party, it’s not always feasible or budget-friendly to do so. And if you and your spouse are the type to prefer small, intimate gatherings anyway, keeping your vow renewal between the two of you can be the sweetest expression of love you can plan. Keep it simple by planning a relaxing staycation or even setting up a romantic night at home and spending the evening reading new vows to each other, reminiscing on your wedding day and doing the things you loved to do together when you first started dating.

Just because you’re keeping your vow renewal quiet doesn’t mean it can’t still be special! Splurge on a new ring, a fancy gift and a decadent bottle of wine to take it above and beyond any average night in. 

Whether you decide to make your vow renewal an extravagant event or a humble night in, knowing your partner and celebrating your love in a way that feels authentic to you is the perfect way to refresh your love for another several decades. 


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