10 Most Haunted Places in America

If you are a ghost aficionado, you must be highly interested in discovering the spooky stories in and around the globe. Coming to that, you surely are going to get goosebumps once you know that America’s certain places are filled with real-life haunted incidents. From haunted hotels to abandoned asylums to eerie tales of sufferings and death, let’s delve into the journey of discovering the most haunted places in America.

The most haunted places in America –

1. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

  • Built in 1829, the Eastern State Penitentiary went over solitary confinements. The place was closed in 1970 due to the overcrowding solitary system that commenced since 1913.
  • Prisoners were left to live alone, do their daily chores of life alone with no one around them. Even the guards had to cover their heads so that none could see each other. Punishments have been too harsh and severe like the prisoner’s tongue would be chained to one of his wrists.
  • Presently the place is one of the haunted spots in America where there are many paranormal happening have been noticed. Some include disembodied waves of laughter, footsteps and also shadow figures.

2. The Old Jail, St. Augustine

most haunted places in america

  • Built by Henry Flager in 1891, The Old Jail is listed on the National Regist of Historic Places. During the functioning of the jail till 1953, it was a common thing for the warden and the families to reside adjacent to the prisoners.
  • Sheriff Joe Perry, a 300-pound tall man used to reside with his family there along with 60 other prisoners. Visit the jail has left frightening experiences. It is one of those haunted spots where many of the prisoners have died or suffered due to various diseases and it is believed that their spirit is still alive there.
  • Visitors get the chance to walk through the men and women’s cells of The Old Jail as well as see the actual weapons. Many have head footsteps of Sheriff, jangling of chains, the barking of dogs, pathetic moaning, strange smells and so on.
  • There have been many paranormal activities conducted by the professionals and it has been found that it is one of the haunted spots of America that also gets to the list of National Directory Of Haunted Places.

3. Moon River Brewery

most haunted places in america, Moon River Brewery

  • Another of the haunted places in America, this brewery has been one of the best places for the beer lovers as it brought beers to Savannah in 1999. The building is known to be built around the early 1820s.
  • It has a known history. Known as the City Hotel, this place is known to have historic violence during the civil war. During heated skirmishes, men were beaten to death around 1860.
  • There are bar professionals who have been the bottles to fly mysteriously. Guests have faced sudden hustle and bustle, even though there was none around them. Some of them have been even slapped or touched.
  • One of the ghosts named Toby is known to sulk around the billiards room hunting for the great bar brawl.

4. Menger Hotel, San Antonio

most haunted places in america, Menger Hotel, San Antonio

  • Built in 1859, this Victorian-era hotel is known to be one of the oldest in Texas. Commonly known as the haunted place there, and one of the haunted hotels in Texas, Menger Hotel is reported with 32 ghosts.
  • President Teddy Roosevelt is known to have persuaded the bar professionals to get along in Rough Riders Batter during the period of the Spanish American War. His presence has been felt so a many times at the bar and that he is known to be famous among all the apparitions.
  • Another famous personality is the owner of The King Ranch, Captain Richard King. Till the time of his death, he used to reside in his own personal suite. His visitant has been felt innumerable times, either taking an entry or exist to his suite or roaming around the hallways.
  • The point of this hotel is called one of the haunted places in America is that this place is filled with eerie experiences. Another such experience is of Sallie White who used to be the maid of the hotel. After a heated argument with her husband, she was attacked by her husband in the hotel post which she passed away within two days of the incident. She is often seen in her work uniform passing the third-floor carrying towels for the guests. Quite spooky, isn’t it!

5. Iroquois Theatre, Chicago

most haunted places in america, Iroquois Theatre, Chicago

  • During a burlesque comedy show performed by Eddie Foy, a huge fire occurred around 1903 at the Iroquois Theatre. Though the theatre was known to have fireproof walls and numerous exist, the fault wires played the game. Around 600 people died due to the severe fire caught there.
  • Presently known as the Oriental Theatre, it is one of those haunted spots which is home to numerous apparitions. Just near the Death Alley, a passageway behind the theatre, many have experienced ghostly encounters.
  • Several shadowy figures and painful cries have been heard and seen. Many have even felt some unseen touches while others have been leaving a weird image in photographs.

6. The Sultan’s Palace, New Orleans

haunted places in america, The Sultan's Palace, New Orleans

  • Around 1836, a Turkish Man claiming to be a Sultan purchased a property at 716 Dauphine St. The house was a French Quarter beauty with classing wrought-iron balconies and a large courtyard. Since then numerous horror incidents had been happening. The sultan had a lavish lifestyle with multiple wives and children. Not only this, he also had concubines of women held against their will.
  • The neighbors have heard of weird occurrences like loud music, parties, torture, incense, women and bodily pleasure. The mystery has been the Sultan had been buried alive and all his women and children had been killed in the most brutal way possible.
  • It is known that the angry spirit of Sultan scares people for those unusual noises, strong incense smell from the house as well as there is a sudden unwelcoming zone for the women who tend to visit the place as Sultan has always been good in tricking female visitors.
  • This haunted place is owned by a woman. Though she doesn’t stay too often but has always faced odd occurrences like the keys kept missing and never be found again. Would you dare to live in such haunted spots?

7. Calcasieu Courthouse

haunted places in america, Calcasieu Courthouse

  • The Calcasieu Courthouse is known to be one of the haunted spots by a woman named Toni Jo McQuiston. Just as stunning and notorious were her looks, Toni was a prostitute who charmed men who used to ride trucks. Ask for lift while she walked down the highway with a friend.
  • Nearly it took 3 long trials for the jury for the conviction of Tony who even played with her charm to the entire courtroom, the staffs of the jail and completed perplexed the town over her own presumed guilts.
  • Around 1942, Toni, also known as the Tiger Girl was the first ever woman who died in an electric chair. Since then here spirit is felt in the courtroom till today. Workers to agree with feeling her uncanny presence, get the smell of her burning hair and well as hear her screams.
  • The Calcasieu Courthouse is one of the haunted places in America where even the professionals tend to believe that she replaces the equipment in the working sphere, locks the doors and creates disturbances with the everyday chores at the courthouse.

8. San Fernando Cathedral, Texas

haunted places in america, San Fernando Cathedral

  • Known to be the older church in San Antonio, Texas, this Church is a magnificent example of Gothic Revival Architecture. But that’s not what the story is, it is also one of the haunted places in America.
  • If you are a strong hearted person, you might pay a visit to the mystic grounds of the church. When the Church was during the process of renovation, the workers excavated nails, military uniforms as well as bones near the altar. Some believe it to be of the soldiers of Alamo.
  • Since then, people have complained about seeing shadowy figures and blurriness in their pictures. Some have even noticed a man dressed in complete black, his face cannot be seen and seemed to be in an attire of a monk-like clothing. But as one reaches forward, he vanishes.

9. Villisca Axe Murder House

most haunted places in america, Villisca Axe Murder House

  • The Villisca Axe Murder House faced a heinous crime occurred in the year 1912. It was the murder of Josiah B.Moore and his family consisting of his wife, 4 children and 2 young girls who turned up as overnight guests. The murderer has been unidentified to date.
  • With the passing of the years, the people living nearby have claimed to see the apparitions of a man with an axe, hearing the loud cries of the children and sudden unexplained paranormal occurrences.
  • In the mid-1990s, the house was restored to its original conditions where there had been no plumbing facility nor any electricity. These factors enlightened the uncanny suspense of the old white framed house. During Paranormal Lamplight tours that occur from April to November or even an overnight tour, you will be able to have spooky experiences along with reservations of the groups. Wanna Try?

10. Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego

haunted places in america, Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego

  • Another of the haunted places in America is the Horton Grand Hotel which once used to be two different buildings namely, the Grand Horton and the Brooklyn Hotel. In the 1970’s, the building was dismantled to transform into a huge hotel.
  • Since then, there have been many weird occurrences that continued to garner the attention of the guests as well as numerous paranormal activities. Especially in the room 309 where a gambler stayed in named Roger Whittaker who got indebted to a wrong company. And there he took refuge. Unfortunately, he has shot dead there itself.
  • When there is no one in sight, there are footsteps to be heard, glowing orbs and chills down the spine. Some even said they sensed someone holding their hand firmly.
  • Another of the incident that occurred in this haunted place is the apparition of Ida Bailey who is known to be a Madame of a brothel. Her popularity proves that the hotel has been named after her.

End Note –

There are no many hidden stories in every place or the other. And numerous haunted spots that have been discovered by the paranormal experts. If you are a weak heart person, rather seek information through Google but one who are the aficionados, you surely ought to plan a trip to such places and discover more around the towns of America.

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