How to Make Yourself Pee: Practical Tips and Techniques

Peeing is a private process but How to make yourself pee in any situation? It may sound like a crazy topic! Urination or peeing is a natural process through which your body eliminates excess fluid. But when you are in need of the sort of ‘on command pee’ like for a medical test, it turns out to be something really annoying. In such urgent situation, you cannot afford to wait for a natural call. So what one should do? Search on how to make yourself pee?

This post is rather a relieving one in which we would be telling you about how to make yourself pee in different ways, some ways are so weird and wonderful you probably never heard of them before! Quite interesting right?

Below we will be having a look at some tips, tricks and remedies on how to make yourself pee easily.

But first, we will see when you would want to pee urgently:

When we have a full bladder, our nervous system sends the signal to our body. And this is how we feel that sensation of the full abdomen when we get the urge to pee, this signal that, it’s time to see the washroom. Which means the time of urination is completely decided by our body?

1. Urine Test: you might need the urine sample for the medical test and face a problem in peeing.
2. Bloating: The kind of discomfort you feel with bloating can also become a reason for you to pee urgently and get some relief.
3. Post-Surgery: Sometimes, Post-surgery your body faces problem while peeing and this condition is medically termed as neurogenic bladder. This situation makes it tough for the body to understand when it develops the urge to pee.

As urine contains a good amount of waste products, it can be very dangerous to hold it.

How To Make Yourself Pee

So to explore the inventive means of how to make yourself pee…… Stay Tuned!

Why would one want to learn “How to make yourself pee”? Ok, the phenomenon of eliminating excess fluids and waste is a natural process but we often take it for granted. Mostly urinating occurs easily and regularly. This happens when it is a call from nature. However, it is not always the nature’s call which makes you run for the restroom; sometimes it can be a medical test which demands your urine in the form of a sample, or maybe an excuse to avoid a particular situation.

How To Make Yourself Pee By Drinking Fluids:

Drink loads of Water, yeah it is by far the easiest way of how to make yourself pee. Drinking loads of water is the most common way to urinate. If you want to be prepared for a urine test at a pathology, you have to drink water, more than you usually do. This will make your bladder filled with urine and you won’t be finding it difficult to collect a sample at the right time.

make yourself pee by drinking fluids

Drink Tea or Coffee

It’s a very well-known fact that tea and coffee stimulate frequent urination. Just take a cup of green tea or black coffee before taking a urine test. Note: excess of these beverages are to be avoided as the caffeine content can cause abnormality in your blood pressure if too much of it is taken.

Drinking A Lot Of Water

it is very obvious by drinking a lot of water you can easily develop a strong urge to pee. If you have got to do with a medical test and want to pee, drink a lot of water beforehand. This method will never be going to harm your body, as peeing by drinking water is the best way of eliminating toxins from the body.

Drink Juices

Cranberry juice, lemon juice, or apple cider if you want to make yourself pee. Some fruits make you feel like urinating because of their diuretic properties.

Drink Alcohol

Good news, people! Even Alcohol can help you if you are looking for processes of how to make yourself pee! Alcohol produces a hormone called vasopressin which can induce urine by retaining water in the kidney. Once it will start it work you will find yourself in a strong urge of emptying your bladder.

Note: If your questions of how to make yourself pee is for a medical test, then you should never go for an alcohol trick. 

How To Make Yourself Pee By Eating:

Consuming juicy fruits also helps in making you run for the restroom. You can also eat juicy fruits like watermelon which has a lot of water to increase your urge to urinate.

Eating Diuretic Food

The Diuretic veggies and fruits contain a lot of water and hence promoting the urine formation, giving you a strong urge to pee.

Lemon :

Lemon is the type of citrus food that can be considered as the best Diuretic food. Not just makes you pee, but also lower your blood pressure down and take care of the urinary tract infection.

Watermelon :

Watermelon is also a diuretic fruit which is very high on the water. It flashes out the liver naturally by cleaning the Kidneys.

Cucumber :

On the other hand, cucumber stimulates urination by flushing out lymphatic system. Consumption of these foods can develop a strong urge for you to go to the bathroom.

Also, the fruits and vegetables I have mentioned contain a good amount of minerals and vitamins which is beneficial for the overall health of your body.

Make Yourself Pee By Eating

Switch To Herbs:

Yes, even herbs help you to find how to make yourself pee. Some herb’s contain natural diuretic properties that induce urination. Herbs are also a rich source of antioxidants that boosts your immunity. They possesses the power of increasing the liquid content in your body. Can we talk about increasing the liquid content in the body how can we forget the herbs that can make you pee are cilantro, garlic and ginger.

Apart from developing an urge to pee Ginger reduces the fuel retention and hence helps you to lose the weight. On the other hand, garlic is a strong antioxidant that can kill the free radical responsible for urinary tract infection.

Parsley is also a type of natural diuretic, it enhances the functioning of kidney and also possesses anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic that can benefit your all-around health by helping your body get rid of the excess amount of salt and fluid.

Munch On Vegetables:

Vegetables, such as celery, carrots, cucumber and cabbage promote urination. Because of the high water content in these veggies it tends to make you pee. Along with their diuretic properties, they are also rich with nutrients like vitamins and minerals which benefit your health.

How To Make Yourself Pee By Physical Practices:

Relaxing your muscles helps in generating an urge to pee. When you relax your muscles it makes it easier for you to pee specially in public toilets. Try relaxing one muscle group at a time, first the shoulder and neck muscles, then the arms, next to be massaged is the torso and finally the hips. This will make you pee easily and naturally.

Rinse Your Perineum:

Perineum is the area present between your anus and genitals. This one will work the best in the toilet with no disturbances. Sit with full relaxation and start washing your Perineum with warm faucet water and soon you will start peeing.

Run The Water:

This is a kind of mind trick which actually works. You just have to turn on the sink faucet and let the water flow with moderate speed and this will surely make you pee soon. When it comes to the method of how to make yourself pee without drinking anything, this one stands out. You just have to relax and listen to the sound of water and make yourself feel like it is a waterfall and there you go!

Sniffing Peppermint Oil:

To give a shot to this method all you need is a cotton ball and few drops of peppermint oil. Don’t forget you have to try this complete process while sitting on the toilet. This is one of the best herbal way of how to make yourself pee immediately. Pore two to three drops of peppermint oil on the cotton swab and start sniffing it. It will give you a quick peeing and that is why you should try this trick while sitting in the toilet.

Bending Forward:

I guess, this one is the most effective and widely known method of how to make yourself pee. Here you have to stimulate your bladder and for that, you just have to bend a bit forward and you will get an urge to pee.

Relaxation Techniques:

Relaxation techniques can also make you pee quickly. You just have to sit calm with closed eyes and let your every muscle feel the loosening. Start deep breathing it will help you relax by releasing the body tension.

In Public Toilet:

If you are in a public washroom and need a pee urgently. Then you have to sit calm, breathing deep and imagine you are sitting in your own bathroom. This will help you pee.

Suprapubic Tap:

This method is different for both men and women. If you are a man you have sit on the toilet seat comfortably and tap area between the navel and penis. If you are a woman you have to give a tap in the area between your navel and pubic bone. You have to repeat the same thing for at least 30 seconds and you will get the pee.

Drowning Your Hands in Cold or Warm Water:

This is also a great method of how to make yourself pee in 30 seconds. Take a bowl and fill it with either cold or warm water and keep your fingertips dip in that bowl till you get the pee.

Touching The Thighs:

Stroking your inner thighs gently with your fingertips will make yourself pee very quickly.

Distract Yourself:

Try distracting yourself in case you are not able to pee in a public toilet. You can read something or listen to songs. The main reason of distracting yourself is to put you at ease so that you can naturally pee.

How To Make Yourself Pee

Hold Your Breath:

In order to relax yourself you can hold your breath and release. Try this repetitively until u feel relaxed. That will ease your way to peeing.


Sometimes it is possible for a person that he is not able to urinate along with that experiences pelvic pain. Under such circumstances it is mandatory to seek medical advice before the conditions gets worsened.

Additional Techniques To Make Yourself Pee:

  • In case of pregnancy which makes it uncomfortable to pee, lean forward as u sit on the toilet. You’re your tummy up a bit so that your uterus would not press on your bladder. This technique would help you pee better.

  • Try squirting some warm water with a peril bottle or try leaving the faucet water running in the sink. It would help you to feel the urge to pee right away.

Additional Techniques To Make Yourself Pee

  • Try using oil of peppermint which is used by some women to stimulate urination after giving birth. You can also try popping a peppermint gum or candy in your mouth. That would help you pee easily.

Benefits Of Peeing:

Now when we have seen how to make yourself pee let’s have a quick look at why you should keep peeing regularly.

  • Peeing helps you remove toxins from your body as what urine contain is the waste produced by the body.
  • If you try to hold the pee it will expose your body to countless bacteria which even put you into a urinary tract infection.
  • Once you pee, in no time you get that feeling of comfort and relaxation which is eventually good for your mind and body.

We hope you have learnt new interesting ways of how to make yourself pee, naturally or forcefully, and also we hope the above given techniques prove to be useful for all of you. Practice them and don’t forget to share the results.

Bonus Tips: How To Make Yourself Pee

  • Ok so first of all, urination or peeing is a completely natural process and one should never try to interrupt in that unless you have some really serious business.
  • The key answer of how to make yourself pee is hidden in the relaxation techniques. You should know how to keep it calm and feel relaxed for peeing on command.
  • If you have tried all these methods and still not finding yourself able to pee, then you should see a doctor and he may take the use of catheterization to empty your bladder.
  • If these tricks are not working for you then you may have a condition affecting your ability to pee.

Frequently Ask Questions

 How can I make myself pee if I’m having difficulty?

Firstly, ensure you’re adequately hydrated. Drinking water can stimulate urination. Additionally, try leaning forward or running water to trigger the bladder reflex.

Q: Are there any foods or drinks that can help make me pee?

A: Diuretic foods and drinks such as caffeine, herbal teas (like dandelion or parsley), and certain fruits (like watermelon) can have a mild diuretic effect, promoting urination.

Q: Can exercise help stimulate urination?

A: Yes, engaging in gentle physical activities like walking or stretching can help stimulate blood flow and potentially encourage urination.

Q: Are there any medical conditions that can cause difficulty in urination?

A: Yes, certain conditions like urinary tract infections, bladder spasms, or prostate issues can lead to difficulty urinating. Consulting a healthcare professional is recommended in such cases.

Q: What should I do if I’m unable to urinate despite trying various methods?

A: If you’re experiencing persistent difficulty in urinating, it’s important to seek medical advice promptly, as it could be indicative of an underlying medical condition that requires attention.


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