Why You Should Use Voquent When Looking for Voice-Over Talent

If you are a content creator, you have probably tried finding voice-over talent in the past. However, have you ever tried using a voice-over platform such as Voquent.com? This article will look at a few reasons you should try Voquent when looking for voice-over talent by listing a few of its many benefits.

Wide Range of Voices

The first reason you should try Voquent is simply that the online voice-over platform has a wide range of voices for you to choose from. More importantly, you can easily find a voice for your next project thanks to the site’s intuitive search feature; enter a language and accent, a gender, and the demo type, with additional filters, and you can find the perfect voice for your project in seconds. The search function lets you be as open or selective as you like to aid you in the casting process.

Demos Ready to Be Played

The next reason why Voquent is such an excellent choice for anyone looking for voice-over talent is that the site provides demos that are ready to be listened to in one click. Additionally, the voice-over artists will offer a wide range of demos covering different project types, so you don’t have to guess what they will sound like from project to project. During the casting process, time is often wasted briefing voices, waiting for auditions, and then searching through them to find what you already knew you wanted. Voquent eliminates this problem and immediately lets you make a decision based on demonstratable capability.

Many Different Accents to Choose From

One challenging aspect of choosing a voice-over artist is not knowing whether or not they will be able to nail the accent you need them to do. However, with Voquent, you can effortlessly search through their wide range of voice actors based on accents alone. Couple this with the fact that you can listen to the pre-recorded demos, and you will be able to choose a voice actor based on an accent within minutes. The actor’s profile will also tell you their nativity so you can guarantee authentic local voices for your project.

Guaranteed Quality

Another challenge you might face when choosing voice actors is that the voice you have found is perfect for your project, but unfortunately, the equipment they are using is not up to scratch. This isn’t a problem if you use Voquent to find a voice-over artist since audio engineers professionally verify home studios, so the quality sound is guaranteed. Actor profiles display whether the talent has a home studio, whether the team has verified that studio, or whether you will need to book access to a studio. This information is available immediately so that you can make an informed decision based on the needs of your project.

A Variety of Other Services

In addition to all the benefits listed above, Voquent also offers a wide variety of other services you could use with your projects. With the internet making content so widely available, having your content in only one language won’t cut it compared to your competition. Thankfully Voquent offers services such as dubbing, subtitling, closed captioning, translating, and more.

With a wide range of vocal talent, intuitive search features, demos ready to be played, many different accents to choose from, guaranteed quality, and many other services to combine with your audio and localization efforts, Voquent is the clear choice for choosing your next voice actor.


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