Why Hot Showers Are Beneficial To Your Health

Have you ever heard your flatmates complaining about your long showers? 

People enjoy relaxing showers so much because it is beneficial to their health. You can’t even imagine how many benefits you can get if you start spending at least half an hour showering in hot water. 

Consider persuading your flatmates to install a point of use water heater in the house so that you can sneak away for a nice shower whenever you want. Here is why it’s necessary to take a hot shower every day:

Lowers Stress

“I feel like a new person!’ – says everyone after spending an hour showering themselves. Whenever you want to relax after a long tiring day at work, you should consider taking a hot shower. The thing is that hot water can increase oxytocin levels, which in turn can help to improve your mood. 

A few hot showers can also help you to feel better in case you are depressed or experience panic attacks. According to Dr Mark Khorsandi, a hot bath or shower can provide contentment and physical comfort. 

Helps to get rid of Bacteria

In case your immune system has been exposed to bacteria (oh, that annoying colleague who doesn’t want to take sick leave!), make sure to take a hot shower as soon as possible. You will have a chance to rescue the situation by getting rid of bacteria.

Another great thing is that hot showers help to promote wound healing since it promotes circulation in the injured area. 

Improves Blood Circulation

Every time you dip your body in hot water, your blood vessels get exercise. The thing is that hot water can create physical pressure on the body, which helps to improve heart health. When you take a shower, your heart works faster than usual (a great workout for your heart!). 

Relieves flu Symptoms

Whenever you feel like you are getting sick, take a hot shower in order to relieve the symptoms. It is a natural decongestant that can moisturize nasal passages and help you to feel much better. 

Moisturizes our Skin

You might not be a big fan of wrinkled skin you have after soaking in hot water. However, it has a good effect on your skin since warm water can prevent your skin from drying up too fast. 

To de-stress your skin, even more, consider applying a moisturizer right after the shower. Let’s not forget that your clogged pores deserve the best daily treatment. So, make sure to clean your face with hot water more often.


Moreover, soaking in hot water can also soothe irritated skin, especially if you use certain essential oils such as lavender, olive, or coconut.

Improves Sleep

A hot shower can also help you to drift off in the evening by bringing a large amount of blood flow to the surface.

Just make sure not to heat yourself right before going to bed. If you take a hot shower two hours before bedtime, your body will have enough time to cool down. This, in turn, will make you sleepy. 

Lowers Blood Sugar

To burn calories effectively and lower your blood sugar, go to shower! According to a recent study conducted by Loughborough University, hot showering burns calories the same way as a half-hour walk. Most probably, it is the best way to lose weight. Bye-bye, gym and green salads!

Helps to Warm Up 

Taking a hot shower is a great way to warm up before going to the gym. Usually, muscles are pretty stiff in the morning, so increasing blood flow and circulation is a must. 

Reduces Headaches

The headache is usually caused by the narrowing of blood vessels. To refresh your focus and get rid of a headache in just a few minutes, consider soaking in hot water. It can alleviate the pressure and cure the headache. 

Relieves Muscle Tension

After an intense gym session, you need to relax your muscles so that you will not have muscle sores the next day. To have a real recovery shower, consider taking contrast showers right after a workout. 

The Bottom Line 

Hot showers are super beneficial to your health. They can help to lower daily stress and get rid of headaches fast. It can also improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. 

There is no excuse to skip your daily shower therapy, no matter what your flatmates think! Let yourself feel great every single day. Enjoy yourself and stay healthy!

Kanika is a Serial Blogger, She is a technologist, bibliophile, speaker, educator and writer. Tornado Cash Follow her on twitter @LtsGetMotivated Spotify Promotion.

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